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By Stephanie Ciccarelli

September 10, 2014

John Steele Voice-Over TalentAfter several auditions I landed my first voice over job on

As everyone says, it's a numbers game. Keep auditioning and it's bound to start happening.

Being my first VO job with I wasn't quite sure how things worked as far as uploading the files. My thanks to Mercedes for being so friendly and patient and guiding me along the way.

Everyone I've dealt with at has been extremely friendly and helpful.


Enjoyable Results

By Trisha Beausaert

August 29, 2014

Adam Smith.jpgI have had a consistently great experience with! Customer service has been exemplary, and routine email communication has provided helpful information about site features, demo, and profile tips. As well, everyone I have spoken to at has been friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful.

As for the website and iPad app, both have an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, making it easy to record and upload files, as well as communicate with potential clients. For short auditions that don't require editing, you can even record and upload auditions within the app!

In the two short months since I joined, I am having enjoyable results, having recently been awarded my first job booking through! A big thanks to for providing and standing behind such a great product and service.

Adam Smith


There is Work and You Will Find It

By Trisha Beausaert

August 29, 2014

Kristi've been a subscriber to since it's inception. I recently took a bit of a break from auditioning on the site, but I am back at it! I have to admit, I'm glad I've started re-submitting auditions, because I've been receiving awesome feedback and have landed several terrific jobs!

So, needless to say, my recent experience with has been pretty good.

I've been a voice actor for more than 25 years, and the industry has certainly changed. In some ways, for the better. However, it's also become much more competitive.

Just this past month, I was chosen to voice a series of spots for a political candidate running for office in the United States. The same week, I was selected to voice several real estate ads airing in the U.S.- relationships I hope to continue well into the future.

For all of you voice actors out there, either just starting in the industry or an old veteran like me, don`t give up. There is work and you will find it.

Thanks again for giving all voice actors a chance to succeed!

Kristi Stewart


I Didn't Have To Travel All Day To Get The Job Done

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 14, 2014

Jessica Ristau voice talentHi,

I'm Jessica.

My mom says that for as long as she can remember, I've loved to be in the spotlight. I have to agree. I have acted and modeled for years.

With the acting, I have had many courses on how to speak, how to act, and how to present myself in front of the camera.

Lately I have had a few opportunities to do voice overs.

I really like them, but I only get notified of so many through my manager.

So we found and decided to give it a try.


The Speed That My Project Moved at was Refreshing

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 13, 2014

Azara_Effect_Logo.jpgAzara Effect Productions sought out help from to find the find the perfect narrator for our latest video; as we all know: a narrator can make or break a film.

The video is an informational piece drawing awareness to a growing threat to one of Canada's largest crops.

We wanted the narrator to sound confident, compassionate, intelligent and articulate with the scientific lingo. has an effective platform for finding talent with such qualities; in a short amount of time, I had narrowed the search to about ten narrators.


I Still Find Voiceover Work to be Just as Exciting and Challenging

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 24, 2014

Sam Garles voice actorAs a trained actor, comedian, and improviser in a lower population area, it was difficult to find opportunities in my area to work on my craft.

After receiving my degree in Theatre from the University of Northern Iowa, some stints in Shakespeare companies around the country, and some time in Los Angeles, I returned home to Iowa to take care of my mom, start an improv company, and get some fresh air.

Voice over work has always something I've pursued, but finding opportunities to audition, especially for my voice type (conversational tone, characters, baritone) and my age range (21-35) has been difficult. Being able to sort jobs by age range and having the VoiceMatch system is definitely a big plus for Also, all the people I have interacted with on the site have been extremely kind and professional, which is very important to the overall experience.


What a Month! Gratitude and Joy Fill My Heart.

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 22, 2014

Jean Brassard, voice over talentJune was a great month for me with

It started by my booking a job with project manager Sean Mancuso for USpecial in Canada. Great thing is that the client wanted me to do both the French and English version.

Almost immediately, I saw a deposit arrive in my mailbox for another job, this time with Grant Thomas to narrate a heavy machinery e-learning session. Hey, I love heavy machinery!

It was great just explaining things to the workers and I got to learn a few things along the way to about safety.


Best Experience So Far!

By Lin Parkin

July 10, 2014

Tim_Hill_20121008143300 (1).jpgToday a client's terrific communication skills made for the best experience I've had in three-plus years as a member, and I wanted to share something I learned in the process.

The client found me from my profile and contacted me directly, pretty much offering me the job based on my main commercial demo. Love that! But the best part was he referenced a specific part of the demo as the type of delivery he thought would work for his project.

It seems like a "no-brainer" now, but no client has been that specific before and I've never thought to ask. It was so helpful. I wish every client would do this! It gave me a head start homing in on tone and pace.

I responded to his Private Invitation with a couple of variations of the first few lines of his (really fun and well written) script as an audition, even though he hadn't asked for one. He was then able to award the job and give me a couple of notes on the sample read he liked best. I had the full version back to him in a couple of hours. He approved it and released payment right away, with very gracious feedback. Bim-Bam-Boom!

So the lesson I learned is the next time a client says "I liked your demo" I'm going to be sure and ask "oh yeah, which part?"

Tim Hill


Living the Dream!

By Lin Parkin

July 2, 2014

Luci Smith2.jpgIt's been a long-running dream of mine to be a voice-over artist. At first, like all kids, I really wanted to be the voice of some super cool cartoon character! But over time, things like classes, church, school plays, and especially bake sales, gave me real passion for narration and commercial work.

I practiced 24/7 for a long time, reading things ranging from the newspaper to Shakespeare! After some classes and dedicated practice I decided I was ready for my demo.

My coach Mr.Joe Loesch has been so helpful. He writes and voices his own children's books, and I'd totally encourage you to check them out if you have a little one at home. He's a real mentor to me and is always willing to help answer my questions. I'm so thankful to have someone like him!

On another note, has been amazing. After only 12 auditions I landed my first job! Needless to say, I was stoked. Everyone here has been so courteous and easy to work with. It's been a real pleasure. I recommend them to all my friends looking into voice-over work. keeps me loaded with all the work I need.

I have a naturally sincere, kind of cutesy voice. I haven't found too many jobs I can use that for, but it's really been a blessing in disguise. I've gone outside of my comfort zone and been totally rewarded for it. I love the jobs I get.

Luci Smith


My First Job!

By Lin Parkin

June 11, 2014

Tom Joscelyn Voice TalentI am a retired actor with over 40 years experience. When health problems forced me to give up the stage, I needed to find an outlet for the performing juices that still flowed through my veins. Doing voice overs seemed the perfect match to my talents. I spent almost two years researching the business, at the end of which came out the clear winner. In January of this year, I joined the community.

I tore down the half-bath in my house and created my sound booth. I quickly discovered my trusty laptop was unfit for the job, so an Apple iMac was quickly purchased. Along with an MXL V88 Mic, Focusrite Scralett 8i6 interface, KRK Rokit monitors and a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M40fs Studiophones and heavy duty Sound Blankets, and I was good to go.

I lost 2 months to severe throat problems. At one point I was afraid I would never be able to perform again, but great doctors got me back to 90% of my vocal strength. I did have to make changes to my work ethic. Instead of the 3-6 reads of every script I had been doing, I've had to cut back to just 2-3. But I still do 30+ auditions a day. Even when I don't get work, I'm still getting the chance to act everyday. That's where the fun is!

I was at over 1,000 demos before I got my first job, which is Dan Gavra's Testimony (to listen to this amazing story, please go to my profile demos). To get there, I had a lot of help from who helped me find the weak points of my sound, and helped me get my profile information right.

Many thanks to Sheldon Matthews, Kelly Matthews, and John in Tech Support who listened to my tales of woe, and helped me at the times I was lost. I want to thank everyone at for believing in my talent and me. I also need to thank my wife and two children who never let me give up, never let me stop trying, and never let me doubt my talent or ability.

Without the support of all these people, I never would have gotten the first of what I am sure are thousands of jobs to come. This is a wonderful career, even if it has taken me over 40 years to find. You're never too old to find a dream and to follow it and your heart.

Tom Joscelyn


Going the Extra Mile Pays Off

By Lin Parkin

June 11, 2014

Ron_Allan.JPGNot only am I skilled at voice-over but also copy writing and production. In case you don't know, production is adding music and/or sound effects or voice effects to produce a ready-to-air radio spot; knowing proper mixing and sound level techniques, as well as the perfect genre of music that fits a particular industry as well as fits the image of the client's business.

Recently, a client on clearly communicated that they were searching for not only an exclusive voice, but a fully-produced, ready-to-air radio spot. From my experience, I knew the style of voice delivery the client was seeking, but also knew they would probably need it produced.

I used special voice effects to make certain parts of the copy stand out and fully produced a perfectly-timed :60 sec radio spot for my audition ... yes, I went the extra mile and it payed off.

The client informed me that "you made my selection easy by adding all the music and effects that no one else took the time to do." Success stories don't just happen ... they happen after lots of equipping, experience, hard work and sacrifice.

Thank you,, for allowing me to hook up with a potentially long-term client!

Ron Allan
BIG VOICE Productions, LLC
Voice Over and Voice Over Coaching


Mobile Game Mania!

By Lin Parkin

June 4, 2014

herb-merriweather-vocal-mascot.jpgI'm always excited to get VO opportunities via email from because you never know what good thing will happen.

I'd done video games before, but this opportunity was unique in that they were looking for someone to actually engage, communicate with and even tease the player -not just play a character in a story.

Not only did I enjoy auditioning, but when selected I was encouraged by the customer to 'have fun with it.'

The result was a lot of joy while working along with new clients/friends who reside in another hemisphere!

Thanks,, for really bringing the global community together - for a good time!

Herb Merriweather


At You're Competing with Pros

By Lin Parkin

June 2, 2014 has been a great boost to my VO career. Besides being a super easy site to navigate, sends so many auditions that I actually have to pick and choose which auditions to take.

Early on as a beginner it was tempting to audition for everything that came to my inbox - and I did. But over time, thanks to a few conversations with their helpful staff, receiving some coaching, and observing the jobs I was actually booking, I've become more selective and started booking a higher ratio of auditions.

I also appreciate the Escrow Service that provides. It lets me know that when I book a job I am going to get paid in a timely manner. That's cool.

You wouldn't consider buying your own set of football pads and a helmet and then venture into a professional hockey game. The same is true with voice-over. Just because you've purchased top-notch equipment doesn't mean you're ready to compete with the pros.

My advice:

1. Get coaching. You're competing alongside some great talents.
2. Get good gear and a good (sound-treated) space in which to record.
3. Then get an account with

Dan Harder


You Can Do Voice Over Anywhere With

By Lin Parkin

June 2, 2014

mic keyboard.jpgHere is the beautiful thing about doing voice over with I was on vacation in Washington DC, but I always take my mic and laptop with me.

On the first day of my trip, I got an e-mail that I had been chosen as the narrator of a video for an international health organization.

The client sent me the 4 minute script, which I recorded in my hotel closet. I upload the file to and client releases the money from escrow to me.

BAM! Vacation is paid for and I have a new client that will use me in the future.

So with a membership and the right equipment you can do voice over from just about anywhere!

Steve O'Brien
SOVO Creative



You Gotta Love Local!

By Lin Parkin

June 2, 2014

Debbie_HeadShot_20121226220452.jpgIn this world of international, world-wide-everything, you gotta love local.

Someone was searching for a NYC talent (on and it turns out that not only did they want to hire me, but their studio was just a few blocks away from my own.

It was great to work with the folks at Robotic Rapter and their clients, on behalf of the Social Responsibility division at Estee Lauder. I voiced an internal anthem piece for their corporate executive meeting - a great honor.

Best of all was the camaraderie and creative give and take that happens when you're in a studio working face to face. It brings the best out of everyone in the combined spirit of collaboration!

Debbie Irwin


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