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By Trisha Beausaert

April 15, 2014

PixelPlay front end work on our app, Pixel Play Apps: Preschool Penguin, was coming to completion, I knew that finding a professional voice would be one of the more difficult parts of the project. I am a part of various freelance websites and have used them in the past, but the talent that I found on those sites were not as professional as I was looking for. Lucky for me, I found

I went to the site and found a talent that I liked even before I officially signed up with them, or so I thought. Once I created an account, the phone rang. It was Sonja Fernandes, my Account Manager just calling to welcome me to This caught me off guard; an Internet company that cares about the clients? Since that moment I knew I was dealing with a company that cared about my project and would help me every step of the way, even if I was a first time buyer of voice over.

I explained to Sonja all the specifics of my job and she put together a wonderful list of providers all with custom samples reading from my script. This was very valuable in itself. Even though I thought I had someone picked out, this personal touch of sample readings changed my mind and helped me pick the best candidate for my job.

The project went very smoothly throughout and Sonja was like my personal assistant! I thank for part of the success of the Pixel Play Apps: Preschool Penguin.

Pixel Play Apps: Preschool Penguin is a combination of educational games and videos, integrated together. Foster fun learning skills with your child early; so they can excel in grade school later.

Pixel Play Apps: Preschool Penguin available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and

David Kittle


I Made The Right Choice!

By Trisha Beausaert

April 7, 2014

Jen a voice over artist, expanding my market hinged on one big decision: which service do I use? I did a LOT of research, reading reviews from all angles, and asking for the opinions of friends in the business. Boy, did I get a lot of opinions!

For me, the decision of which service I would be using came down to freedom; the chance to audition for what I wanted, when I wanted, how often I wanted, without being penalized for it. gave me that freedom, and I haven't looked back!

I love that I can see if my audition has been listened to, and I am excited to see that "thumbs up" when a client has liked what they have heard. Even if the client chooses someone else, that little "thumbs up" tells me that I'm doing something right, which keeps me excited as I audition for more jobs.

Auditioning could not be easier. When I am awarded jobs, I find that the process is smooth and I've had great communication between myself and the clients. The SurePay system makes getting paid wonderfully efficient. As well, whenever I've had questions or concerns, the staff at have always been attentive and friendly.

I've learned so much since I've started. My technical and VO skills have grown, I have found what I'm good at, and I now have the confidence and freedom to try new characters. I am also pleased to say that I have a handful of new characters that I didn't even know I was capable of doing when I first started out!

I'm very happy with my choice to go with This was definitely the right way to boost my career!

Jen Day


The Auditions Shaped The Project

By Trisha Beausaert

April 7, 2014

I have been aware of for a while now, but just recently had a project to post a job for.

For this project, I was shooting a panoramic virtual tour for a local bakery, and shot some behind the counter footage of their baked goods and captured several cakes being frosted and decorated.

For the voice over, I had in mind a 30-40 something female voice, but was open to whatever felt like would fit the overall tone and feel. I was surprised to see over a hundred auditions where most recorded a sample of my script to listen to. This really helped as I could play the voice over sample along with the soundtrack and video to see how well it would fit. Also, the different samples inspired new ideas.

I finally chose Melynda Sims for the voice over and she did a great job.

MacKenzies' Bakery Promo from Ignertia on Vimeo.

I have a lot of appreciation for Melynda, and also to all the other voice artists who submitted samples, as the other voice overs I listened to had a part in helping shape the final project.

I'm looking forward to future projects with!

Greg Copin


The Talent Came to Me

By Trisha Beausaert

April 4, 2014

Maddie Bear Books Icon.pngI really enjoyed using because all of the voice talent came to me. I didn't have to spend hours doing a web search for different voice actors that may or may not fit the role I was looking for. Within hours, I had numerous recorded samples and price quotes from various narrators through, which was awesome. I definitely found the right voice for the job; it was quick and painless.

The project for which I chose Tina Shuster is now available on It was for the iPad version of my latest children's book, "Maddie Bear's Birthday." Tina did a wonderful job at capturing all of the voices. It's all thanks to for bringing us together!

Greg Pugh


Action-Packed Video Produced at Breakneck Speed

By Trisha Beausaert

April 3, 2014

Andrew Winchell.jpgIt was the perfect project; filming high adrenaline stuff, like ambulances, paramedics, and multi-million dollar helicopters, all in glorious slow motion.

As my deadline approached, it became apparent that the narration I had recorded for the project just wasn't up to the overall quality of the piece. Thankfully, I had just been told about as a source for high quality narration.

Honestly, I was a bit uncertain right up until I heard one of the auditions I was sent. A few modifications later, and I had my promo film!

I'm so excited for the way it turned out, and my client was absolutely thrilled. Thanks for the fast turnaround!

Andrew Winchell


Technology Gives Me Global Reach

By Trisha Beausaert

April 3, 2014

Jordi year, I started to work online with As well, working from my beautiful little town in northern Spain, in San Sebastian, I've discovered how ISDN connections can expand the reach of my work into such locations as London, Miami, Paris, Los Angeles, Tel-Aviv, Vancouver, and Buenos Aires. In the voice over industry, the combination of these technologies have made access to the whole world much easier!

I recently performed an ISDN session to record a television commercial project for a brand of video games, which I was hired for after auditioning on My client, located in the UK, required the control of the live recording. The final client, the advertising agency, was located in Paris, so we had to implement a network of connections for the three of us.

Minutes before the start of the session, we connected London and San Sebastian and verified that there were no technical issues. Soon after, we were joined by the client in Paris.

I then stepped up to the microphone with the goal of doing the best possible job, despite my nervousness over the live connection.

After confirming what the client wanted, I did three takes and held my breath. Suddenly, I heard applause and approval in unison, and in stereo, loudly and clearly in San Sebastián, via our connection, regardless of time zone differences and location.

I'm glad that a platform like is providing me with the opportunity to have new, positive, professional experiences like this!

Jordi Poch


Triumphant Return to Voice Over

By Trisha Beausaert

March 27, 2014

amy e have to say, as an "old school" voice actor returning after a brief hiatus, I was a bit alarmed at how much the industry had changed in so little time!

New technology can be daunting, but learning to go it alone in a home studio became fun once I started following my own rules of improvisation and using all the great online tutorials. With an initial investment in wonderful workshops and seminars, demos, a good microphone, quiet computer, treated space, excellent software, and good cans, I was able to get my "sea legs" back in about a month.

Had it not been for, I might have given up.

Getting feedback is so important and the ability to see the thumbs up and get messages from producers who liked the audition (even though their client went with someone else) kept me buoyed. When I actually started booking it was exactly the reassurance I needed to buckle down and focus on voice over exclusively.

My first Skype session yesterday went swimmingly. I would choose this method exclusively if I ruled the world! It was a reminder of how key good communication is in saving time and resources. Even with all the bumps in the road I am grateful to be back at it and I am excited to be learning so much.

Big thanks to Pat Fraley, Scott Brick, Joan Baker, Rudy Gaskins, Anne Ganguzza, George Whittam, EWABS, and the Ciccarellis for creating and sustaining this marketplace, as well as for their marvellous teams who have been so helpful answering my questions and helping me to optimize my online presence. May we all continue to learn and share our insights and knowledge in this creative, ever-evolving voice over community!

Amy E. Fisher


Thumbs Up for

By Trisha Beausaert

March 12, 2014

Ruth am so pleased with the success I have experienced through over the past month. I booked three jobs, and, with just one of those, I earned back my full membership fee! As well, the team at is always 100% available to answer my questions.

The projects I recently did were all very different from each other. For one of them, I had the joy of using a Russian accent! It was so much fun to do. I especially love the system of the "thumbs up" icons, which signals to me that my audition has been listened to. I am finding that the more I audition, the more thumbs up I get!

It's also easy to get paid. The Sure Pay system is wonderful and secure when dealing with online payments. I got paid through Pay Pal exactly when they said I would, with no fuss, no muss.

I have been doing voice overs for a while, and recently went back to "school" to upgrade my skills. I graduated from Nancy Wolfson's Braintracks Audio course and joined again. The combination of this extra study, a new demo (produced by Nancy Wolfson) and the wonderful way is structured, has brought my voice work to a new level and made me very hopeful about my career as a voice actor.

Thanks for the doing things the way you do!

Ruth Rosen


Promise A Lot, Deliver More

By Trisha Beausaert

March 5, 2014

Promovere-Logo.pngPromising a lot and delivering more is a key tenet at Promovere Media Group, and it is wonderful to find other companies who feel the same. produced a home run with our voiceover needs.

Our Account Manager, Sonja Fernandes, was a pleasure to work with. When we originally sent the script to Sonja, she identified a few issues that needed attention. She quickly corrected the script for us, and WOW! It just flowed better than before, thanks to her expertise.

Then Sonja sent her top 30 recommendations to us, and we had the difficult task of figuring out who to choose,; it was not easy at all! We decided to use Patty Mattson, whose patience in working with us to get the best voice over possible was absolutely invaluable.

Promovere Media Group Commercial from Promovere Media Group on Vimeo.

It is such a great feeling to have a "go to" company for our voiceover needs, as it is one less thing to worry about during the production process. is that company, and we are fortunate to have found them.

Warmest Regards,

Todd Manus


A Platform for Chasing Dreams

By Trisha Beausaert

March 4, 2014

Homer thanks to David and Stephanie Ciccarelli, as well as to the staff at, for providing this 70 year old "newbie" with a wonderful platform to reach for his dream job!

Once I became a member of I never felt like a number; I felt more like a family member. There is kindness everywhere, from the tutorials to returned phone calls. What wonderful people!

I recently joined this great company and have received many opportunities to audition for interesting projects, never doubting success would soon come.

On February 17th, my birthday, I realized that I had my first notification from I thought, "Could it be a job?" I reasoned that it surely could have been, not with all of the competition out there. It must have taken me 5 minutes for me to open the message; I wanted to savour the excitement! I felt like I was 20 years old again. Upon opening the message, I learned that I had been selected for an 18 page read, and that the direction was that the client wanted me to "soften up just a little."

Two days later, I sent the completed project to my client. I received the acceptance notice the very next day. My immediate concern was their thoughts, wondering how I did in following their direction. Long story, short, I received 5 stars and the script was accepted in its original take! Not bad for this old timer.

My bride of 42 years is very proud of me, as well. She loves the new me as I pursue my voice over dreams.

Once again, from the heart, thank you to and their fantastic team.

Homer Jones


A Read with Character!

By Trisha Beausaert

February 18, 2014

Dan Deslaurier.Sm.jpgThe "usual" projects I audition for and book at tend to be educational in nature. Teaching is what I do; I am in front of classes by day, and behind the mic in my home studio at night. So, educational narration, technical tutorials, and e-learning or instructional courses for the internet are natural "niche markets" for me.

However, I recently noticed a business-category job listing for a client new to The client sought to cast a voice that sounded both "professional and funny." While looking at the listing, I noticed that mine would not be among the first auditions to be submitted for this project. However, I saw that my VoiceMatch rating for this particular job was 95%, so, I decided to read the script.

On a hunch, I submitted two different reads for the audition. I did one with my everyday "Teacher Dan" voice and delivery, and one with a character voice, which, I'll admit, is not really in my "comfort zone," as in, a voice that I don't normally do. However, the copy just spoke to me! It turned out that my character voice track was just what the client was looking for to complement their self-produced video, which was meant to both inform and entertain their member viewers at regional business meetings.

For me, the hunch to "lean into discomfort" earned me a fun project with a new client who was a pleasure to work with.


Teacher Dan Deslaurier Feeds My Passion

By Trisha Beausaert

January 27, 2014

Joe Brown.extra small.jpgI started out in broadcasting in Los Angeles in 1979, after graduating from Columbia School of Broadcasting. I enjoyed the on-air experience, the schooling, and all the voice and diction workshops. However, my passion has always been voice over. After doing broadcasting and various commercials for radio and television, I got away from the industry to pursue a different career that paid the bills. While I enjoyed that career very much, my love of doing voice over never left me. While pursuing a livelihood, I always knew that my path would bring me back to my passion.

In the last year and a half I have spent a great amount of time getting back into the voice over industry, and I have loved every minute. I have done several projects, but always maintain that it is the love of the experience that is so rewarding; that's where comes in. is a wonderful experience, and exactly what I need to feed my passion. It is not so much the financial reward, but, rather, the satisfaction of working at my craft, and auditioning, that drives me.

Thank you,, for your service; you have given me the tools and platform necessary to pursue a passion that I have longed after for most of my life.

Joe Brown


Don't Hate the Ear!

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

January 8, 2014

Drew Montgomery voice talentAs with most voice talents, my ego forces me to take a sneak peek at past auditions to see which ones received a "thumbs up," and which ones had simply been listened to, signified by the dreadful "ear" logo.

Sadly, I always had more "ears" than thumbs! Yes, over time, I grew to hate the "ear" logo! A big, ugly, oversized green ear. Who needs it?

All that changed recently, when I happened to look back at my Voices bookings over the past year. Opened the Door

By Trisha Beausaert

January 6, 2014

A thumbs-up or star feedback from a client is such a feel-good. After all, we perform to a silent fourth wall bereft of the audience response on which stage actors thrive.

Howard evidently attracts the caliber of directors who understand that, and who take the trouble. For me, 2013 closed with a fun gig from Stephfan Nurse, all done and dusted ahead of New Year's Day, and supported by quality script and direction. The project was followed up with a nice note, to boot.

When asked 'How to start in voiceover' I say it's competitive, but you have to stick at it. You build your craft and your strengths, hold on to the passion, and you break in. For me, the key to breaking in was, because even with some acting and radio experience, it proved hard to gain traction here in Britain.'s inspirational podcasts that feature stars like Scott Brick, Marc Cashman, Terry Daniel, Pat Fraley, Dan Lenard, Debbie Munro, and Bettye Zoller helped get the ball rolling for me.

Thanks to the confidence they gave me, and the sense of welcome from, my very first gig was at a level that covered the year's fee and a better mic.

I'm working it in the photo, on a cross-Atlantic live session with director J.D. Freedman.

Best wishes and thanks to for such varied bookings, an effective interface, and great backup.

Howard Ellison


A World of Opportunities

By Trisha Beausaert

December 10, 2013

I have been in the business for a long time, but never had the chance to develop characters or work on a wide variety of material since I was always cast for the straight read for corporate clientele. I attended Voice World and had the chance to meet the Ciccarellis, members of the team, and many people whose work I have admired, like Pat Fraley.

David Plant recording in studioSince joining in the spring, I have had the opportunity to deliver work in British English, French, and Italian for clients around the world. I've been cowboys, villains and superheroes, and regular guys, too. I've even had the pleasure of working on a project to teach English pronunciation to Japanese students.

I'm currently recording a series of stories for children. There are fourteen classic fairy tales ranging from Aladdin to Rumplestiltskin, in the original translations. I get to work with actress and VO artist Miranda Byers on this fantastic project.

Thanks for opening up a world of opportunities, You provide a great service, and I also think that you are first class at follow up and member/client service.

You've made voicing fun and taken me places I never thought I could go!

David Plant


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