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Easy, convenient and my talent was better than I could have imagined!


By Laurynda Pasma

July 7, 2008

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Jeff Cale, a freelance musician agreed to answer a few questions about his experience at and how he used the service to find, select and hire talent.

Recently Jeff completed a project at and hired September Day. Read more on Jeff's hiring experience.

How has helped you with your project needs?

I discovered and posted a job. I received more than 20 responses, all of which had auditions I could listen to instantly online.

I had been unable to hire good talent through other means, but provided an easy and fast way to select excellent professional talent. And my hired talent, September Day, has been extremely professional, has a tier one performance, and had my satisfaction as her ultimate goal- and she achieved it with ease. I had received plenty responses and having so many to choose from helped because while some were very good, others were plainly not what I was looking for.

How did you select the talent?

I needed a young, attractive and beautiful voice for spoken statements in the music, and I found September at, the need was filled and still is!

Some had recorded some of my script for the audition. I listened to the auditions and selected September Day, who had the perfect voice and performance. It's easy because once the job is posted; all that is left is waiting for responses and reviewing them. No searching is necessary. The responses were very quick too, I had several in less than 24 hours.

What challenges did you face using the system to find talent?

The deadline was a month out, but I wanted to get the work done quickly and along with my hired talent made that possible. I had no trouble using the system, reviewing responses, making the deposit, or receiving the finished work through the SurePay System.

How would you describe your overall experience with the site?

I still work with my talent (September) on a regular basis, and I plan to continue working on future projects with her for the long term. If I was seeking a different voice, I would return to and I would recommend it to others.

About the Client

I'm a musician, and I write electronic music. I had tried to find ideal local talent, but with no success.

I write music which I hope speaks to the unfortunate, sad, conditions and frames of mind in which we sometimes unwittingly or deniably live, but I also write music that's about the things we dream about. It's also headphone candy; I use a lot of panning effects. In the end I hope its music someone can enjoy and relate to.

Project Details

Project ID: 8651
Project Title: Dark Dance Music
Category: Music Composition and Music Production
Language: English
Project Close Date: May 1, 2008
Selected Talent: September Day

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