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By Stephanie Ciccarelli

July 22, 2009

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Susannah's Story

Susannah KentonSusannah decided she would test the waters with a monthly membership. If during that time she made more money than the membership cost, Susannah would take out a year's subscription. In her first month she booked $2900 worth of work.

A dual British / US citizen, raised and educated in the UK, Susannah has a natural British accent. Having also lived in France, the US and New Zealand, she can easily adopt a "Mid-Atlantic," American, or French accent, for international appeal.

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I'm Susannah Kenton. A friend recently encouraged me to sign up with I decided I would test the waters with a monthly membership. If during that time I made more money than the membership cost, I would take out a year's subscription.

Well, in my first month, I booked $2900 worth of work, enough to pay for an annual membership 10 times over.

One job I'm really excited about is for a new animated website called I get to play the high priestess archetype. Very cool.

But the best part for me is how brings the world closer together. Each week, I audition for clients who might be located anywhere from India to Indiana, meanwhile, I'm sharing my story with you from my recording studio in New Zealand.

Susannah Kenton

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