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By Laurynda Pasma

September 17, 2009


Klaus Petersen of Edvantage group agreed to answer a few questions about their experience at and how they've used the service to find, select and hire talent.

Recently Klaus completed a project at and hired Jaroslaw Juszkiewicz and Alex Robinson. Read more on the hiring experience of Edvantage group.

How has helped you with your project needs?

The job has picked for this case study is closely related to two similar jobs, so I suggest we describe it all together. The project was about translating an e-learning course from Danish to Polish, English, and German, so I used to find three voice talents.

I used to find voice talents with different languages. I posted my job(s) and got a lot of responses from English (British) voice talents, a few German but no Polish.

How did you select the talent?

Since I had received little response for my postings seeking German and Polish talent I searched for those languages on and found a few that I contacted and invited to reply to my existing job posting. I selected the Voice talents that I preferred (primarily based on price but also sorted some of the British responses based on quality as some were not as professional. Once I had my list I presented them to my client. My client asked for other suggestions for the English posting, which I easily could provide them with. Luckily they liked the only Polish voice talent, that I found, Jaroslaw Juszkiewicz. Alex Robinson was hired for the English version of the job.

What challenges did you face using the system to find talent?

I posted my job(s) and got a lot of responses from English voice talents, a few German but no Polish. So with the German and Polish so I had to conduct a talent search via the search engine to find other candidates that would meet my foreign language needs.

I needed male, middle-aged, serious voices in the mentioned languages. And I needed them to be able to handle the storyboard, the recording, the editing and the naming of the many files themselves. As it turned out the German voice talent had to be very flexible, as the process was disturbed by problems with the translation - and luckily he was flexible. But I made agreements with the selected voice talent a few weeks before they had to do the job and they all agreed to do it in a few days without any problems. After having selected the voice talents I managed the rest of the project outside, as communicating via isn´t as handy as with email and Skype. Besides I found the tools for that part very hard to figure out - maybe because I´m not native English.

How would you describe your overall experience with the site?

The talents, that I hired, all worked very professional and handled the job to my great satisfaction! And they were flexible and very helpful in resolving the problems that occurred.

I´ll recommend and probably use for finding voice talents again, but will probably handle the rest of the process "outside" as it seems much easier.

About the Client

Edvantage group provides solutions to help organisations implement effective learning programmes. We develop e-learning systems and software, provide over 10,000 online training courses, and we have our own team of teaching experts creating customised e-learning content.

Working side-by-side with our clients, Edvantage group emphasises service and support to ensure that e-learning is successfully integrated into the organisation.
As one of the largest companies in Europe solely focused on e-learning, we address your specific requirements with a unique breadth of skills and experience. Through established partnerships with over 40 e-learning content providers, universities, and IT training organisations, we can also provide you with access to a unique network of resources.


Project Details

Project ID: 13247 and 13252
Project Title: Railway Security
Category: Educational
Language: English (British) and Polish
Project Close Date: June 2009
Selected Talent: Alex Robinson and Jaroslaw Juszkiewicz

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