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Charlie Neil - Splendid & Charming!

By Lin Parkin

April 25, 2011

charlie_neil_jpg.jpgWe had a specific vision in mind for our company's voicemail message. We crafted a script, posted a project and received a prompt reply from Ms. Charlie Neil.

We opened up our script for Ms. Neil to "make it her own" and the result was better than we imagined. I highly recommend, and specifically, the talents of Charlie Neil!

Jim Hobson
E-Platform Marketing, LLC
Atlanta, GA, USA


Three Quick Jobs in a Row!

By Lin Parkin

April 18, 2011

Ronald Hardgrove.JPGI became a Premium member at in January. I was submitting 10 to 20 auditions per day and was becoming a little frustrated about not getting any jobs.

All of the sudden I got three-in-a-row with a promise of more business soon from one of the clients.

So far, I have gotten more work from this site in three months than I did on a competing site in one year!

Ronald Hardgrove Is By Far The Best Voice Web Site In Existence!

By Lin Parkin

April 13, 2011 is by far the BEST, MOST SUPERIOR & AWESOME voice web site in existence! It is the only site I would ever recommend for clients and talent alike!

Customer service and the people at are brilliant, accommodating, friendly and the technical genius, design and support- transcends amazing! I especially appreciate the continuous upgrades & improvements.

Just when you think it can't possibly get any better- that the site has reached perfection in design & roll out another treat in functionality & design enveloping us with useful, functional features, tools and luxuries of service (beyond my imagination) that makes the usability and experience of the site exceptional, fun and so very pleasurable!!

And Yes, I am very much in love with :)

In Thanks & Joy!

Su Elle


Three Part Webinars Helped Me Negotiate My Son's Contract

By Lin Parkin

April 8, 2011

gabriele_eggerling.jpgThanks to's 3 part webinar, I negotiated my child's audiobook and personal appearance contract quite easily!

Thank you again for your hospitality towards we "newbies." We are looking forward to learning more, and growing into your amazing community.

Melissa Eggerling for Gabriele Eggerling


Thanks for my first paid gig!

By Lin Parkin

April 1, 2011

David_Overly.JPG"You're our man!"

That was the response to my audition! We negotiated a rate, set up a time to record a telephone directed session and boom! Client loved the result, I loved the work and the check! And this, just shortly after I upgraded to Premium. So thanks for my first paid gig!


David Overly


Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This!

By Lin Parkin

April 1, 2011

TerryWhite_1220900783_Terry_White_in_studio_1_.jpgThis was one of those great jobs when you audition, totally forget about it, and then several weeks later, get a notice that a deposit has been made, and you apparently got the job.

I record the project and send it off without ever having direct communication with the client. I used the audition instructions for direction.

Within an hour of sending the file, the funds were released, and I had a 5-star review.

Does it get easier than that?!

Terry White


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