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iPhone App Expanded My Business


By Lin Parkin

August 28, 2012

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Aris Gerontakis.jpgThe iPhone App has been the main reason I joined the website.

I have been a full-time voice over actor in Greece since 2002 but have had very little work in English, mostly because the local market hardly ever demands it. Being bilingual, I was secretly hoping I could somehow, at some point, be able to extend my clientele outside Greece. If only I could find a way to record at home and send the files over the internet.

The problems with that idea were too many and just insurmountable. Where would I find the jobs? How could I keep up with an overseas market that works with a 5, or even 12 hour, time difference? How would I charge clients? How, how, how...

Then one day while searching the iOS App Store, I stumbled upon the app. It was a free download, then a free registration as a VO talent online and I could see all the job postings. I entered a job and there was even an "audition" tab!

I could record on my iPhone? What? I plugged in my recently acquired Apogee Mic (I love this microphone) and it worked seamlessly with the app. I created a Premium account without thinking another minute. I started auditioning through my iPhone and Apogee Mic. There was no need to go anywhere near my computer!

With an average of 5 auditions per day, I landed my first job within 10 days after joining. I learned about it through an email on my iPhone, which arrived while I was having dinner. I remembered the job, but I didn't quite pin-point the voice I had used, because it was a wacky character for a video game. So I just logged into the app, scrolled down to the answered jobs section, found the job and, still eating, easily listened back to the demo I had recorded for the client.

I even went and recorded the actual final take on my iPad, using the marvelous TwistedWave app. This app allows me to record, edit, apply EQ, compression and effects, then export in any quality and file format I want.

As you might guess, the ONLY time I needed my computer was to upload the file on the website! I can even check my payments from within the app. After watching the webinar about the upcoming iPad app and subsequently contacting the team with questions and ideas, I realized that soon I won't need my computer at all!

I am thrilled at how has taken advantage of all the technology in their hands and I am very excited about what they've been planning for the future. I still haven't come to terms with how easy it was to do everything on my cell phone. I think pretty soon I will be taking my custom-built portable booth in my car, travel the world and record in hotels on my iPhone.

Unthinkable, yes? Well, actually... no. It's just around the corner.

Thank you, You expanded my business and at the same time you've made my life ten times easier.

Aris Gerontakis

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