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By Trisha Beausaert

January 6, 2014

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A thumbs-up or star feedback from a client is such a feel-good. After all, we perform to a silent fourth wall bereft of the audience response on which stage actors thrive.

Howard evidently attracts the caliber of directors who understand that, and who take the trouble. For me, 2013 closed with a fun gig from Stephfan Nurse, all done and dusted ahead of New Year's Day, and supported by quality script and direction. The project was followed up with a nice note, to boot.

When asked 'How to start in voiceover' I say it's competitive, but you have to stick at it. You build your craft and your strengths, hold on to the passion, and you break in. For me, the key to breaking in was, because even with some acting and radio experience, it proved hard to gain traction here in Britain.'s inspirational podcasts that feature stars like Scott Brick, Marc Cashman, Terry Daniel, Pat Fraley, Dan Lenard, Debbie Munro, and Bettye Zoller helped get the ball rolling for me.

Thanks to the confidence they gave me, and the sense of welcome from, my very first gig was at a level that covered the year's fee and a better mic.

I'm working it in the photo, on a cross-Atlantic live session with director J.D. Freedman.

Best wishes and thanks to for such varied bookings, an effective interface, and great backup.

Howard Ellison

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