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A Read with Character!


By Trisha Beausaert

February 18, 2014

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Dan Deslaurier.Sm.jpgThe "usual" projects I audition for and book at tend to be educational in nature. Teaching is what I do; I am in front of classes by day, and behind the mic in my home studio at night. So, educational narration, technical tutorials, and e-learning or instructional courses for the internet are natural "niche markets" for me.

However, I recently noticed a business-category job listing for a client new to The client sought to cast a voice that sounded both "professional and funny." While looking at the listing, I noticed that mine would not be among the first auditions to be submitted for this project. However, I saw that my VoiceMatch rating for this particular job was 95%, so, I decided to read the script.

On a hunch, I submitted two different reads for the audition. I did one with my everyday "Teacher Dan" voice and delivery, and one with a character voice, which, I'll admit, is not really in my "comfort zone," as in, a voice that I don't normally do. However, the copy just spoke to me! It turned out that my character voice track was just what the client was looking for to complement their self-produced video, which was meant to both inform and entertain their member viewers at regional business meetings.

For me, the hunch to "lean into discomfort" earned me a fun project with a new client who was a pleasure to work with.


Teacher Dan Deslaurier

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