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Triumphant Return to Voice Over

By Trisha Beausaert

March 27, 2014

amy e have to say, as an "old school" voice actor returning after a brief hiatus, I was a bit alarmed at how much the industry had changed in so little time!

New technology can be daunting, but learning to go it alone in a home studio became fun once I started following my own rules of improvisation and using all the great online tutorials. With an initial investment in wonderful workshops and seminars, demos, a good microphone, quiet computer, treated space, excellent software, and good cans, I was able to get my "sea legs" back in about a month.

Had it not been for, I might have given up.

Getting feedback is so important and the ability to see the thumbs up and get messages from producers who liked the audition (even though their client went with someone else) kept me buoyed. When I actually started booking it was exactly the reassurance I needed to buckle down and focus on voice over exclusively.

My first Skype session yesterday went swimmingly. I would choose this method exclusively if I ruled the world! It was a reminder of how key good communication is in saving time and resources. Even with all the bumps in the road I am grateful to be back at it and I am excited to be learning so much.

Big thanks to Pat Fraley, Scott Brick, Joan Baker, Rudy Gaskins, Anne Ganguzza, George Whittam, EWABS, and the Ciccarellis for creating and sustaining this marketplace, as well as for their marvellous teams who have been so helpful answering my questions and helping me to optimize my online presence. May we all continue to learn and share our insights and knowledge in this creative, ever-evolving voice over community!

Amy E. Fisher

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