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Technology Gives Me Global Reach


By Trisha Beausaert

April 3, 2014

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Jordi year, I started to work online with As well, working from my beautiful little town in northern Spain, in San Sebastian, I've discovered how ISDN connections can expand the reach of my work into such locations as London, Miami, Paris, Los Angeles, Tel-Aviv, Vancouver, and Buenos Aires. In the voice over industry, the combination of these technologies have made access to the whole world much easier!

I recently performed an ISDN session to record a television commercial project for a brand of video games, which I was hired for after auditioning on My client, located in the UK, required the control of the live recording. The final client, the advertising agency, was located in Paris, so we had to implement a network of connections for the three of us.

Minutes before the start of the session, we connected London and San Sebastian and verified that there were no technical issues. Soon after, we were joined by the client in Paris.

I then stepped up to the microphone with the goal of doing the best possible job, despite my nervousness over the live connection.

After confirming what the client wanted, I did three takes and held my breath. Suddenly, I heard applause and approval in unison, and in stereo, loudly and clearly in San Sebastián, via our connection, regardless of time zone differences and location.

I'm glad that a platform like is providing me with the opportunity to have new, positive, professional experiences like this!

Jordi Poch

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