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By Lin Parkin

May 5, 2014

danielle_7021_Smaller.jpegI'm an actress and a singer who recently started in voice overs this past January. I am so grateful that my colleague recommended to me.

I've studied voice over with MJ Lallo (awesome teacher in the LA area!). I did some VO gigs because of my singing, made my demo, but this site was the first time I'd really 'gone' for it.

This past month alone I've booked several VO jobs; a really fun video game and a sales video directly through the and I've recorded another 2 commercials.

Booking and even just being able to audition for so many jobs has made me more confident, efficient, and knowledgeable. That has led to more bookings on the site and I've felt more confident promoting myself in my daily 'off-line' life as well.

I find the 'listened to,' 'thumbs up' and recommendations helpful in trying to analyze what was useful to the client. It tells me what voices/intonations people are responding to best. Even though that's all just subjective, that I'm inferring from a mystical little icon, sometimes it's just nice to know people are listening!

I will sometimes record things that I feel that I'm a 'stretch' for. I won't normally end up submitting those auditions, but there are some that I find myself pleasantly surprised by. Occasionally I will end up submitting myself for the job, when appropriate.

Also, I love the SurePay service. So much easier than chasing down invoices! is a great tool for me to build my voice over career!

Danielle Marcelle Bond

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