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At You're Competing with Pros

By Lin Parkin

June 2, 2014 has been a great boost to my VO career. Besides being a super easy site to navigate, sends so many auditions that I actually have to pick and choose which auditions to take.

Early on as a beginner it was tempting to audition for everything that came to my inbox - and I did. But over time, thanks to a few conversations with their helpful staff, receiving some coaching, and observing the jobs I was actually booking, I've become more selective and started booking a higher ratio of auditions.

I also appreciate the Escrow Service that provides. It lets me know that when I book a job I am going to get paid in a timely manner. That's cool.

You wouldn't consider buying your own set of football pads and a helmet and then venture into a professional hockey game. The same is true with voice-over. Just because you've purchased top-notch equipment doesn't mean you're ready to compete with the pros.

My advice:

1. Get coaching. You're competing alongside some great talents.
2. Get good gear and a good (sound-treated) space in which to record.
3. Then get an account with

Dan Harder

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