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My First Job!


By Lin Parkin

June 11, 2014

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Tom Joscelyn Voice TalentI am a retired actor with over 40 years experience. When health problems forced me to give up the stage, I needed to find an outlet for the performing juices that still flowed through my veins. Doing voice overs seemed the perfect match to my talents. I spent almost two years researching the business, at the end of which came out the clear winner. In January of this year, I joined the community.

I tore down the half-bath in my house and created my sound booth. I quickly discovered my trusty laptop was unfit for the job, so an Apple iMac was quickly purchased. Along with an MXL V88 Mic, Focusrite Scralett 8i6 interface, KRK Rokit monitors and a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M40fs Studiophones and heavy duty Sound Blankets, and I was good to go.

I lost 2 months to severe throat problems. At one point I was afraid I would never be able to perform again, but great doctors got me back to 90% of my vocal strength. I did have to make changes to my work ethic. Instead of the 3-6 reads of every script I had been doing, I've had to cut back to just 2-3. But I still do 30+ auditions a day. Even when I don't get work, I'm still getting the chance to act everyday. That's where the fun is!

I was at over 1,000 demos before I got my first job, which is Dan Gavra's Testimony (to listen to this amazing story, please go to my profile demos). To get there, I had a lot of help from who helped me find the weak points of my sound, and helped me get my profile information right.

Many thanks to Sheldon Matthews, Kelly Matthews, and John in Tech Support who listened to my tales of woe, and helped me at the times I was lost. I want to thank everyone at for believing in my talent and me. I also need to thank my wife and two children who never let me give up, never let me stop trying, and never let me doubt my talent or ability.

Without the support of all these people, I never would have gotten the first of what I am sure are thousands of jobs to come. This is a wonderful career, even if it has taken me over 40 years to find. You're never too old to find a dream and to follow it and your heart.

Tom Joscelyn

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