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The Speed That My Project Moved at was Refreshing


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 13, 2014

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Azara_Effect_Logo.jpgAzara Effect Productions sought out help from to find the find the perfect narrator for our latest video; as we all know: a narrator can make or break a film.

The video is an informational piece drawing awareness to a growing threat to one of Canada's largest crops.

We wanted the narrator to sound confident, compassionate, intelligent and articulate with the scientific lingo. has an effective platform for finding talent with such qualities; in a short amount of time, I had narrowed the search to about ten narrators.

Shortly after the project was initiated on their website, I received a phone call from Sonja, an account manager, to welcome me to the process. She was friendly, helpful and most importantly, efficient.

That night Sonja emailed me a link to auditions, read from my script, from the ten voice artists I had selected. The speed with which things were happening was refreshing and greatly appreciated. After mulling over the options with my producers, we chose a narrator to read the full script. Within a few days, the full recording was complete and ready to be cut into the film.

The audio quality was excellent and when a pick-up was required, they were happy to oblige.

Every step of the way the team at was in communication with me to ensure I was getting what I needed and was satisfied with the results. I am pleased and appreciative of the product and treatment I received from and will be sure to seek their help again for my next film.

Scott Gillies
Director at Azara Effect Productions

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