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I Didn't Have To Travel All Day To Get The Job Done


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

August 14, 2014

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Jessica Ristau voice talentHi,

I'm Jessica.

My mom says that for as long as she can remember, I've loved to be in the spotlight. I have to agree. I have acted and modeled for years.

With the acting, I have had many courses on how to speak, how to act, and how to present myself in front of the camera.

Lately I have had a few opportunities to do voice overs.

I really like them, but I only get notified of so many through my manager.

So we found and decided to give it a try.

Let me tell you about my background. I am in elementary school in the magnet program. I think that is because my mom had me reading and writing when I was very young. Plus I love a challenge, who doesn't? I could go to the library every day and read more books, because I like reading about different characters and I love trivia.

Some of my hobbies are ballet, singing, riding my bike, playing with friends, and putting on shows at home to entertain people. I also enjoy playing my violin, recorder and electric guitar. My dog Bella loves it when I serenade her with my music.

When I first signed up for, I submitted for a variety of roles. I was so excited to see a thumbs up next to an audition! I then learned that not all of the clients use the thumbs up feature. I realized that when I was emailed an offer to work my first job - it was very exciting and completely unexpected!

We went to a local recording studio to do a few takes on my narration and that day we submitted the recordings to the client. We were prepared in case edits were needed - I listened to my original recording many times to make sure I was in the same speaking mode!

The client accepted one of my takes the next day and the job was complete! It gives me incentive to try to get more jobs booked, it was such a fun experience, plus I didn't have to travel all day to get the job done!

Thanks so much for helping me spread my wings further!

Jessica Ristau

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