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Archives is a Like a Fitness Program for My Craft

Sell Your Voice on

From Professor of Acting to Voice-Over Actor

Job Audition # 10,000

The Power of Professionalism

Voice-Over Mom

Working with Means Being Part of a Team Protects Both Parties

5 Years Later, Better Than Ever

A Partner in Your Success

First Audition, First Job

Taking Chances Brings Luck

Dentist by Day, Voiceover by Night

My #1 Ally

71 Years Old and Having the Time of My Life

A Positive Process

Welcome to the Club

Ability to Record in Multiple Languages

Feels Like a Mini-Oscar!

Hired for a Voice-Over for a Major Athletic Brand

The Audition Intrigues

Money in My Account

Opportunity in Online Casting

One of the Best Decisions

100th Job Milestone

An Amazing, Steady Stream of VO work

Connect with Copy and Know What the Client Wants

I Can't Wait to Expand My Client Base with

I Can't Wait for Another Project that I Can Use the Site For!

I Will Never Go Anywhere Else When I Need a VO

I Couldn't Have Done This VO Job Without

Working in Front of Big-Time Agencies and Multi-Billion-Dollar Conglomerates

Thank You, for Kick-starting My Career

I was Just Awarded My First Job Has Become a Regular Source of Work For Me Opens Doors of Opportunity in Mexico and Beyond

Remaining Competitive in the Fast Paced Voice Over World

No Two Days Are Ever the Same When You Work in Voiceovers

Keep Plugging Away

Reinventing My Wheel

Logging onto is Part of My Daily Life

Don't Count Me Out! Overcoming Health Issues to Voice Another Day

Friendly Customer Service and Helpful Voice-Over Resources

Enjoyable Results

There is Work and You Will Find It

I Didn't Have To Travel All Day To Get The Job Done

The Speed That My Project Moved at was Refreshing

I Still Find Voiceover Work to be Just as Exciting and Challenging

What a Month! Gratitude and Joy Fill My Heart.

Best Experience So Far!

Living the Dream!

My First Job!

Going the Extra Mile Pays Off

Mobile Game Mania!

At You're Competing with Pros

You Can Do Voice Over Anywhere With

You Gotta Love Local!

Thank You,! Rocks!

Building a Career on

My Superheroes

An Internet Company That Cares

I Made The Right Choice!

The Auditions Shaped The Project

The Talent Came to Me

Action-Packed Video Produced at Breakneck Speed

Technology Gives Me Global Reach

Triumphant Return to Voice Over

Thumbs Up for

Promise A Lot, Deliver More

A Platform for Chasing Dreams

A Read with Character! Feeds My Passion

Don't Hate the Ear! Opened the Door

A World of Opportunities

I Love This Site!

Invaluable Auditioning Experience

Voice of MUCH TV!

Great PR and Turnaround

Beyond The Call Service!

Impressed My Clients

24 Hour Turn Around!

Blown Away!

Best System for Auditioning Voice Talent

400th Positive Feedback!

Helpful and Caring Staff

4 Jobs in My First Month!

Finding your Signature Sound and Promoting It Where it Works

iPhone App is Super User-Friendly

Two Jobs in Just Twelve Days

Find the Best of the Best at

Thrilled With My Experience at

Lesson Learned About Headshots on

My Profile Landed Me Work!

Video for a New Samsung Campaign

This Weeks #1 Favourite on

Another Wonderful Year with!

More Than Just Auditioning Experience!

Put a Badge On My Website!

Thumbs Up! is #1 in Customer Service

The World at My Feet

Working for Nintendo of America

Steve McCoy Was Brilliant Is My Voice Over Oracle!

Booked a Job Recorded in a Taco Bell Parking Lot

We Found Our Virtual Tutor on

App Makes Auditioning On The Go A Breeze Didn't Even Flinch!

Praise from the Resource Guru

What a Great Experience! Webinar Helped Me Book More Work

It Pays to Watch Commercials!

Great New Gig!

Awarded My 300th Job On!

Couldn't Be Happier!

Great People + Great Customer Service + Great Technology =

You Guys Rock!

Simple. Easy. Done.

The Best Just Got Better!

Meet Oliver McCoy, The Vegetable Boy

Welcoming the Android App

Smooth and Efficient

Still Working Thanks To

International Clients

Hiring Talent Couldn't Be Simpler

105 Jobs Booked Through! is the BEST!


Easy, Quick, and Fun!

Long Term Friends and Clients!

iPhone App Expanded My Business

VO Career Has Really Taken Off

NOW Is The Time!

Great Webinars!

Quick and Simple

Invaluable Webinars

More Than Just A Marketplace Equals Opportunity

Such Fun!

Completed Job Within 4 Hours


Folktale iTextbook

Learn And Grow At

Makeover Mondays Webinar!

Responses To Our First Job

Just Wanted to Say Thank You

Great Things Happen at!

Another Great Project

Wide Range of Opportunities Is Wonderful

Everyday Is Like Christmas! is the BEST!

Vast Array of Talent

Voice of the ADDY Awards

What a Week!

Brazilian Voice Talent Amazed By

Small Project - Great Success

Thank You - another quality gig!

Live Webinars Help Bolster Visibility

Professional Venue and Tools

Learn & Earn!

Professional, Friendly, Detail Oriented

The Right Tools!

Very Happy With Really Is The Best!

Great Folks at! Helps Get Your VO Engine Going!

Awesome Support Staff!

Booked My First Job In The First Week

Love The Changes!

I Know I'm in Good Hands at

VO In His Own 'Write'

51 of 85 Auditions And I Got The Job!

English Butler Ring Tones App

Project 'Done and Dusted' in Nothing Flat!

I Have Officially Recorded Every Word in the English Language on!

UK Voices Needed By British Producer

Two for One!

Is Your Audition Good Enough To Air?

Years Of Steady Clients

I Signed Up and Recieved My First Job in 8 Hours!

Better Late Than Never!

Regular Clients and Steady Income

My First Gig

5 Star Rating For!

Making The World A Better Place, One Recording At A Time! Is The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle!

Surprisingly Simple Is Easy And Efficient

You Guys Rock!!! An Enjoyable Process Is A Fabulous Business Partner

The Proposal Project A Success

Makeover Mondays Helped Me Get A Slew Of New Hits

Platinum Social Media Consultation Huge Perk!

Distance No Object At

Charlie Neil - Splendid & Charming!

Three Quick Jobs in a Row! Is By Far The Best Voice Web Site In Existence!

Three Part Webinars Helped Me Negotiate My Son's Contract

Thanks for my first paid gig!

Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This!

My Profile Review with Success Manager Kelly Matthews was Awesome Customer Service Second To None!

Makeover Mondays A Big Help!

Harpex Voice-over

Great Price, Great Quality

Lebanon Voice Talent Finds Success At!'s Management and Customer Service Among the Best

OIART Student Applies Advice: Working With Voice Actors

Thinking Like An Agent Has Me Auditioning Less and Booking More

Another Successful Transaction! Delivered Above And Beyond My Expectations

My First Job With!

Thank You For the iAudition App Webinar

Amazing Results From a Small Investment Was Quick and Easy To Use

What A Thrill! Is Tuned In And Gives Sound Advice

Great Communication With Clients at Has Connected Me With Many Fantastic Clients

Another Great Week With

I Was #66 And Booked The Job!

I Will Be Telling Everyone About

A Great Service That Offers Even Better Value And Staff Are Invaluable To My Business

I Will Make A Toast To New Opportunities Puts The Needs of Customers First Was The Jumpstart I Needed

Without I Wouldn't Be Where I Am Today

I Have Nothing But The Highest Regard For

I Love SurePay Because it Protects Me and the Job Seeker

VOX Daily Emails Are Truly An Inspiration

A Great Voice For The Holden Arboretum!

I Was Able To Get The VO I Needed The Same Day

I Owe Much of My VO Growth To

Caryn Clark's Voice is Wii "Fit" Plus

I Booked a Job That Stretched My Abilities

Great things happening at

Thank You For VOX Daily is the Best Site I Have Found for Voice Talent Runs Like a Finely Tuned Quartz Watch

Calibre of Responses and Depth of Experience at

I Booked 2 More Jobs at in 1 Week!

I Feel Like a True Professional at

The Variety of Jobs is Amazing

I am Truly an International Voice Over Talent

Hands-Free Producing Rules!

A Big Fan of Talks About Hiring Talent

I've Enjoyed Success Through Leading the Online VO Industry

Thanks From Voices of Vision! Was the Obvious Place to Start

Mike Kirby On How Changed the Business of Voice Over

I Completed 26 Videos with a Narrator at

SurePay Escrow Gives Peace of Mind to Clients and Talent

I Voiced a Film Set to Air on the Discovery Channel

Every Single Client I've Worked For at Was Terrific

I'm an Aussie and am Enjoying Success at

I Got Hired Twice in Less Than One Week Has Been the Single Most Valuable Resource For Me

I've Received over $15,000 of Voiceover Work through Clients Finding Me on

Thanks For Making My First VO Job an Exciting Experience!

I Could Kick Myself For Not Joining Sooner

An Immeasurable Assistance in My Voiceover Journey Helped Me Along The Way

I Finally Booked a Job is Comfortable to Work With

Commercial Voice Talent of Voices of Vision Shares Story

I Cannot Tell You How Helpful Power Profiles Has Been

A Press Release Written For Me by Landed Me 3+ Gigs!

I Got Hired By Someone Who Heard My Demo on

I Would Not Have Landed the Biggest Job of My Career Without

I Feel Honored to Have Been Chosen as the Voice

I'm Sooo Happy I Found

Kicked it Up a Gear and Landed 3 Jobs in as Many Weeks!

The Icicle Story App Would Not Be the Success it is Without Provided Amazing Efficiency to Me as a Producer

Entered VO After Watching the Don LaFontaine GEICO Commercial

Blown Away By The Simplicity of and Quality of Final Product

Trilingual Voice Actor Loves Redesign

I Was Thrilled to Land an Audiobook Project

One Job I Booked at Turned into a 5 Figure Contract

Liz de Nesnera is an Outstanding VO Professional!

Producers Contact Me Directly Through

Your Site is Amazingly Helpful

Thank God For

Useful and Entertaining Information via Teleseminars Saves Us Time and Keeps Our Clients Happy!

I've Made Over $21,000 in Jobs From in 13 Months

What A Nice Way to Start The Day!

I'd like to share a recent experience with a client who gave me a 5 out of a 5 Star Rating

It's a Continuing Pleasure to Be Part of

The Customer Service Team Always Delivers A Happy VO Home!'s Service Facilitates Fully Informed Relationship Building

One Booking Paid For 3X My Subscription Fees Since 2004

Clients That Get It!

Repeat Business Through

My first time using as a client was successful was the Answer to My Narrator Needs and Then Some

Your Webinar with Simon Vance was Wonderful!

Good Reasons Why You Should Have a Profile at

I Am a "Long-Timer"; It's a Marathon Not a Sprint

In 1 Day I Have Had over 100 Listens to My Demos at

I Wish I'd Joined Sooner!

Keep Plugging and You Will Be Rewarded!

Some Promising Ongoing Work from a Canadian Company!

Thanks For Making My Job Even More Enjoyable

You're Just as Warm, Friendly and Supportive in Person

Dutch Voice Talent Melvin Vermeer Finds Success at

The Best Part of is SurePay

How "Mastering The Audition" Turned My Experience Around

Just Completed Another Project on

Persistence Definitely Pays Off

Auditioned in the Morning, Got Booked in the Afternoon!

I Used Narrators From To Record My Entire Book Has Become the Cornerstone of My Voiceover Business!

Working With My First Client

I Cannot Tell You How Much Has Helped My Career

Complimenti, Bel Sistema Di Lavoro!

Thank You For The Invaluable Advice

A $13,000 Voice Over Project When All is Done

Thanks For The Informative Webinar on Auditioning!

I've Landed 3 Audiobooks Through

I Consider to be a Valuable Tool in my VO Arsenal

I Love Working With! Teleseminars are Invaluable and Inspiring! is Well-Run, Efficient, Friendly and Supportive

I'm Looking Forward To More! Helps Producers Make Affordable Corporate Videos

I Have Booked 20 Projects as a Direct Result of My Affiliation With (within 4 months!)

Easy To Find Work at

Great Clients Hire Me and My Voice at

Bob Worthington's Booking Regularly at

Within 24 Hours, I'm Already Making Money! is Not Just a Service, it is a Partner.

Posting a Job and Working with Talent at is a Breeze!

I would like to express what a great place is for non-English talents Made This Client's Hiring Experience Incredibly Easy Is My Go-To For Positivity, Resources, and Clients!

My Nancy Wolfson Demo is Getting Me Bookings at!

I Am Seeing Work Come In And Am Closer To My Goal!

Would You Marry Me,

I'm Impressed!

Debbie Munro Shares Success in Dollars and Sentiments

Melanie Granfors is Blown Away By How Works

SurePay Made A Real Difference

Dollar for Dollar, Pound for Pound, is the Best Thing in Cyberspace!

I Was Amazed How Smooth the Process Was at

A Great Introduction into the Modern World of Voice Over Work

From a Lower-middle class worker to Voice Actor in a Few Months

Never a Hitch!

The Voice of God in Alabama

Great Opportunities For Jobs Available via The Internet

Voice Over Dinosaur Discovers a Miracle

It felt as if the job was handed to me!

We thought finding the right voices for our characters would be a problem. We couldn't have been more wrong! Has Fast Forwarded My Path to Success

A Connection Bridging the East and West Coast Goes The Extra 2 Miles To Ensure Integrity connected Edvantage with German, Polish and British Talent

I've landed 3 pretty good size jobs over the past 2 months

Fast turnaround , Professional and Cost Effective

We went from panicked and reading our own material to professional VO in 36 hours

The SurePay System Took Away Any Worries I May Have Had

Just booked a nice project thru!

I posted my job on your site and to my delight I had dozens of auditions the next morning

Before we would shop our project around to local talent, now we have more options.

MarsWorks found voice for a rich media online advertisement at Review by Susannah Kenton

Design based production company Elastic Creative found casting easy a Powerful Tool, Says Herb Merriweather

Our Best Project Yet!

Vanessa Hart Says The Best Part of is the Repeat Business Helps John McCann See The Future, One Voice Over at a Time

Mike Kirby Knows That Puts Power Into The Hands of Performers

Catherine Campion Made Her Membership Fee Back 100 Times Over

Paul Albertson Shares Secrets of His Success

Lori Taylor Saves Time and Mileage On Her Car By Working From Home

Paul Strikwerda, Dutch Voice Talent, Shares "My Dollar a Day Membership Paid Off BIG TIME"

DON'T GIVE UP! Hang in there! It DOES happen!

I want to thank you very much for your personal interest in me

Thanks a million!

I'm happy to say I was contacted yesterday

Thanks For Such an Easy-To-Use System

A First Rate Experience. Thanks! is the Greatest!

I'm Excited To Be Part of a Quality Marketplace for Talent

Awesome To Wake Up and Find Sales in my Emails!

Finding talent takes talent and NAILED IT

I Was Cast as the Voice of a Major Upcoming Videogame

We have finalized the details with the chosen talent

A professional voice took our DVD trailer to another level

Houston Real Estate Expert used to find Talking House Voice

I Booked 3 Projects Within 7 Days On

One of the Easiest and Most Streamlined Ways to Do Business!

Voice-over work is no longer just a side job, it is my career.

I have had great success using to obtain the resources I needed for my audio projects.

TechnoPark says you better do this... makes me look great!

Live Chat Attendant Kudos for Jessica Stiles

Just a note to express my satisfaction with is the best source for jobs!

RC PoP Art Finds the Perfect Home Operator Cartoon Character

One-Stop-Shopping Feature at Was Good For Business

I Had Great Fun Voicing Many Characters

I am in the process of finalizing my first job through Has Built a Good Product

Selling My Product on Was Very Quick and Easy

I Appreciate that Helps With Contracts and More

When I Need a Voice Actor, I Go to

Bill Painter Gave Us a Read That Made Our Project Live!

What a great, easy experience working through Voices.Com Gives Me The Resources To Be Heard Around the World

I Was Chosen Out of 70 Auditions

Just Downloaded 18 Voice Over Experts Podcasts onto my iPod

I Found the Right Voice Within Minutes

I Can't Say Enough What a Valuable Tool This Site is For Small Businesses

I Feel Like I'm in a VO Candy Store

Your Voice Over Podcasts Have Been Like a Text Book For Me

Aaron Tucker's celebrity impressions are incredible

My Voice Over Experts Podcast Brought Me a 1/2 Dozen Students

Thank you For Finding Me Ongoing Work!

I booked a job within 15 minutes of submitting my audition!

Recently I've Booked 3 Big Audio Book Jobs, 2 Commercials, 2 Phone Projects and a Movie

I just wanted to share that I couldn't be happier with your service

Chadd Pierce is a pleasure to work with!

First project completed since the change to

Within two weeks I had my first voice job after subscribing

Followed Some Advice on VOX Daily That Paid Off Handsomely!

There Are So Many Talented People at, I Hate to Choose Just One!

Referred By A Colleague, Your Voice Over Service is Wonderful!

First Time User Reports Great Experience!

Aaron Tucker Has Been Instrumental in Our Audio Book Business

I Booked a Great Corporate Video Gig at!

Ramping Up

I can't imagine a more painless, hassle free method of finding voice talent

This Week I Landed 5 National Cable TV Commercials for Hannah Montana!

Praise for Scott Fortney for doing such an incredible job! is wonderful!

Hallelujah!!! I just completed my first job at!

Your service is fantastic!

Since I joined, I've gotten a lot of work through your website

I highly recommend Ed Mace for any project you've got going!

You know you've made it when ...

EXCELLENT EBOOK! has linked me up with the most professional talents!

Online training course recording completed via

A note of thanks for a recent political spot I got!

I just landed my first recording job through!

Praise for Alex Rain and his Audio Book Narration

Thanks so much for making the experience for the voice actor simple, seamless and easy!

Thank You!

I have a quick "thank you"....

LAD4 Creations Inc makes professional videos affordable with the help of

Finding the ideal voice talent is prompt and stress-free with

Smartsettle leverages voice talent to launch new interactive telephone system

My Voice Will Be Aired for the Bagel Factory throughout Ireland!

My Great Opportunity to take on a Colorful, Strong Female Role. Thanks VOICES.COM!

Thank You, My Job Has Been Filled


Easy, convenient and my talent was better than I could have imagined!

Landed Gig for Kennedy Space Center Website! Thanks

Simply in Awe of the Number of Responses we received!

Got My First Job from this Site!

Many voices, one client, lots of fun. is my “goto” source now for all of my voice-over needs. I don’t need to make 20 calls now to get what I need!

Booked an Online Training Course through!

When I need a voice over talent for a job, and I need it fast, is where I go!

Ed Mace was exceptional as our Toucan!

Actors help provide Education through Animation Voiceovers

We've Developed Some Very Good Relationships with Talented VO People

This Past Month I Booked 4 Jobs Through!

Voice Actor Ralph Hass Made our First-time Hiring Experience Seamless

Can We Do it Again... Soon?

I've Acquired 4 Good Jobs in My First 7 Weeks at

It Has Taken Off Rapidly!

Thank You For INCREDIBLE Customer Service! gets the job done right the first time and every time!

Pulling in readers is all about a good hook!

First Booking... Yeah! U-ROCK!

Landed First Gig through Auditioning at

I'm Now on Retainer as the National Spokesperson VO for Thomasville Furniture!

I Should Have Locked in at Earlier!

Talent listed at help me take my productions to the next quality level!

I had a number of great responses to my posting!

Surprised to find it's easier to find talent to record locally online!

We tell our Clients where we find our Voice Talent

I am going to be EXCLUSIVELY with you!

Renewed at after reviewing my business history

Invaluable Information and Great Presentation provides a business environment with sensitivity to the artist

Cloud Computing Improves Small Business Productivity

A Red Letter Day

I Got The Gig!

Rita Pardue Did a Great Job on Training Video Narration!

Love the site!

Valerie McNicol, provided a great grandmother voice for our company! is an intelligently conceived and user-friendly system

Benefits of upgrading and asking for assistance has paid off!

Finding talent at really is that easy! has been indispensable in finding the perfect voice for my client’s job

Personal Responses Set Apart from Other VO Sites

I'm Getting Work at

I'm happy I renewed my membership at, tremendous value beyond that of the yearly membership fee

Nancy Wolfson Helped Me Achieve Success at

SurePay at is Easy To Use is a Great Service

Jennifer Johnsey, the clear choice for BizHelper

Thank you to David and Stephanie Ciccarelli for founding

I feel like I found "gold" in dealing with Anna Vocino

The Team at is Friendly and Hands-On

Making My Dream A Reality

Blown Away by's Talent Pool

Voiceover Experts is one of The Most Important Resources for Voice Actors on the Internet Today

Marie Rose took our commercial to the next level!

Completed my first job through Saves the Day - Julie's Hired!

$5000 Narration Job Booked through

Wonderful Service! Represents the Cutting Edge of the VO Biz

Praise for VOX Daily

I'm very happy with Scott Vyverman

Success Magazine Shows Some Love

Internet Gives Voice to Unseen Actors

They Found Me At!

My experience using has been wonderful

You Can Do it the Hard Way, or, Just Join

Job I Got Through Makes a Difference

Bill Painter, Mr. Versatile

Melanie's Voice Changed My Company! is Well Worth the Money

Got Another Gig and already PayPaled!

Secured Another Client Because of is My New Friend

Vox Talk Podcast has been a Godsend

I Learn from VOX Daily Blog Posts

Superior File Quality and Ease of Use Make Stand Out!

Instantly recovered what I invested as a Premium Member

Profile Reviews are an Excellent Resource offered at

Time to renew? This is the Best Investment.

The Talent I Hired Exceeded My Expectations is Really Working for Me! is the Best Organized Voice Marketplace on the Web

Best Online Casting Service

I landed an ad agency in Virginia

Membership at is very satisfying

200% ROI in 30 Days of Story

Praise for Laurynda

Need a voice? Find it here. has proven it's worth

An Excellent Experience

#1 Google Ranking Achieved

Interactive Voices Inc. Nominated for Fast 50

An Excellent Resource

This Book is A Must Have is a credit to the Voice Industry

No Services Compare to

The Quality of the Projects Are Better

Fast, friendly, efficient, and refreshing!

I really appreciate the Friendly and Personal Approach

The work just comes to you

I Enjoy the Diversity of the Opportunities the Most

More auditions in 1 afternoon than with a Agent all Year!

I Just love

Literally within an hour or so, I 'got bit.' Paid for itself in Less than 2 days

I Made a Profit in Just 3 Weeks

Everyone in Voiceover is talking about

Many Projects have Turned to Ongoing Ones

3 Jobs by Direct Contact from Clients

I booked 3 Jobs in 1 Week

I got a job with The Discovery Channel

I Wish Everyone Were this Easy to Work With

The Quality of Product was Outstanding

You have Done a Tremendous Job

I Plan on Using for Other Future Projects

I was Amazed

It is Awesome

A Big Time-Saver

Nothing Short of Miraculous

What a Helpful Site

Revolutionary Web-Based Software

The World’s Finest Voice-over Talents

When companies need voice-overs recorded, they turn to

The Most Amazing Talent I've ever Worked With

I could not have gotten this project done without VoiceSuite (

They ( are the Absolute Cream of the Crop

It does not get any better than this!

Posting the Job was Easy

This service has revolutionized the voiceover industry

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