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Recording and Producing Your First Audiobook

Have you ever recorded an audiobook before? Producer Paul Fegan shares his experience working with a narrator on their first audiobook at Bitsixteen, Fegan's professional recording studio in Dublin, Ireland. Learn about what worked and also what Paul would have...

Pro Tools and Other Multi-track Recording Programs

Join Voice Over Experts Dan Lenard and George Whittam as they discuss "Pro Tools and other Multi-track recording programs". Discover different recording software programs and learn more about Pro Tools, the industry standard recording software for musicians, but not necessarily...

How To Record Voiceovers At Home or On The Road

This podcast had to be removed but hopefully we will have something just as good if not better in its place. Thank you for your understanding!...

How to Analyze and Break Down Commercial Copy

Join Voice Over Expert Peter Rofé as he teaches you "How to Analyze and Break Down Commercial Copy". Learn a proven formula that will teach you how to fully understand and interpret scripts written for television and radio commercials.

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