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10 Skills to Look for in an Audiobook Narrator

Have you ever started listening to an audiobook and wanted to throw your iPod out the window? That's the last thing you want the listener to feel like doing with your own audiobook. One of the most enjoyable, and sometimes...

Using a Full Voice-over Cast vs. a Single Narrator for Audiobooks

Are you casting an audiobook narrator? Whether you're an author publishing your own audiobook or you're a casting director at a large publishing house, how do you decide between using a full cast of voice-over artists vs. a single narrator...

Celebrating Father's Day with Audiobooks

Father's Day is coming! Do you know a Dad with young children? With June 15th fast approaching, what perfect gift is there for Father's Day than an audiobook? Father's Day offers the perfect opportunity to cuddle up with your children...

How Do Publishers Decide What Books to Turn Into Audiobooks?

Not all books make good audiobooks. So how do publishers decide which ones to transform into audio versions? Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment in publishing. It has grown into a billion dollar industry, with millions of people downloading them...

Winners of the 2014 Audies Awards

Who Took Home the Most Coveted Awards at the 2014 Audies?

The Evolution of Audiobooks Continued: From Cassette Tapes to Digital Downloads

In today's VOX Daily we'll pick up where we left off yesterday on the development of the audiobook industry from cassette tapes to digital downloads. With the longer audio format of cassette tapes and the inexpensive portable Walkman, the 1980's...

In Celebration of JIAM: The Evolution of Audiobooks

Do you love to read audiobooks? Are you an audiobook publisher? Have you heard of June Is Audiobook Month (JIAM)? It's a growing movement in conjunction with the Audiobook Publishers Association where publishers, producers, narrators, authors, and all those involved...

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