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The Evolution of Audiobooks Continued: From Cassette Tapes to Digital Downloads

In today's VOX Daily we'll pick up where we left off yesterday on the development of the audiobook industry from cassette tapes to digital downloads. With the longer audio format of cassette tapes and the inexpensive portable Walkman, the 1980's...

June is Audiobook Month!

Did you know that the month of June is audiobook month? For any of you who are audiobook enthusiasts, this may come as no surprise, however, I thought we should mark the occasion with a special blog post. I've compiled...

AFTRA Announces New Audiobook Agreement With

Do you have questions about AFTRA's new agreement with Learn more about this agreement by reading this article. If you still have questions or are unsure of something, be sure to leave a comment and I'll ask AFTRA during...

Dueling Narrators! has a really neat competition going on that pits narrator against narrator, pairing two different interpretations of the same audio book in a duel of feudal proportions. Which narrators will win?...

Interview with Vanessa Hart, Narrator of "Growing Up Ethnic in America"

Although the 2008 Audies have already happened (May 30, 2008), I didn't want to miss the opportunity to shine the spotlight on a member of our community whose work was nominated for an Audie this year. I'm pleased to present...

Audible's Best Audiobooks of 2007

Curious to know which audio books made Audibles Best Audiobooks of 2007 list? Check the titles out here!...

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