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3 Common (Yet Avoidable) Audio Editing Oversights

How much do you care about pristine audio? If you don't care much, let me assure you that those on the receiving end of your recordings do. That said, paying attention to the little things and making corrections before...

5 Ways to Maximize Your Voice Acting Auditions

Are you getting the most out of the auditions you do? What if you could put 5 tips into practice that dramatically impact your ability to capitalize on voice-over opportunities? Guest blogger Mike Tobin shares his thoughts and encourages...

How Do You Get into Character?

Getting into character is a job actors do multiple times a day, whether they're auditioning or working on a project they booked. With all that jumping about character wise, do you find it easy or hard to get in...

Why You Might Not Be Booking Work at (and what you can do about it)

Are you on the brink of success but just don't know it? It wasn't until the 10,001st attempt that Thomas Edison successfully invented the light bulb. While you may not have auditioned 10,000 times on, not booking a...

How to Nail an Audition with Little or No Direction

What do you do when you've got a good script with ambiguous creative direction? Do you shoot from the hip or dig in a little deeper? Getting an audition that is seriously lacking in direction can be seriously frustrating. Not...

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