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How To Sound Like a Pterodactyl

Are you a fan of trying new things with your voice? At VO Atlanta 2014 during Bob Bergen's keynote, attendees learned how to create a number of interesting animal sounds including how to bark like a dog, sounding like a...

VO Atlanta 2014 Recap

Did the tweets you saw with the hashtag #voatlanta2014 make you want to attend VO Atlanta 2015? From Animation to Audiobooks, from Business to Products and Technology, VO Atlanta treated its attendees to an action-packed conference where learning abounded...

Local Voices: Finding the People, Places and Things You Need to Find!

Where do you turn to find talent agencies to submit your demo to? How do you find a voice over coach in your area? More and more, the tendency is to go straight to a search engine and seek out...

What's Pre-Life and Why Is It Important in Voice Acting?

How can you get your character vocalizing even before they're supposed to speak? "Pre-life" is the improvised audible utterance you might make before delivering a scripted line. You could also see it as a vocal form of preparation for what...

Bob Bergen Bringing Animation Weekend to NYC!

I'm excited to share that Bob Bergen, voice of several Warner Bros. characters including Porky Pig, will be in New York City December 5th and 6th, 2009. Bob's 2-day Advanced Animation Voice-Over weekend workshop is sure to be a hit...

From Mickey Mouse to Porky Pig, Character Voice Caretakers

When a character's voice is first created, something special happens, and although it may be voiced by different people over the decades, takes on a life of its own. Meet a few caretakers who were chosen to pick up where...

Will SAG and AFTRA Merge? It Could Happen and Here's How

The face of the Screen Actors Guild may start to look a little bit different this year. For tens of thousands of people in the acting and voice acting professions, particularly those who are members of SAG and or AFTRA,...

SoCal Earthquake as Reported by Looney Tunes Voice Artist Bob Bergen

Earlier on July 29, 2008 (today) there was an earthquake in SoCal (Southern California) that shook several communities and inspired voice actor Bob Bergen to produce a brief report in character detailing happenings to do with the quake. The Associated...

Are You Paying it Forward?

If you've seen the movie "Pay It Forward" you know what it means to give back to your community and help build other people up. Are you paying it forward?...

Tone Your Muscles at the Voice Over Work Out Lounge

Ever heard of VOWOL? Until a few months back, neither had I, but I'm very glad that I did!...

Disney and Warner Bros. Characters Summoned to Testify in Court?

Who would have thought that the cute, cuddly personalities dreamed up by Walt Disney and the folks at Warner Bros. would one day be summoned to a court of law in Naples, Italy? All it takes is one entrepreneurial Chinese...

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