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Need Resources for Auditioning and Casting Voice Overs?

Are you new to casting voice-overs? Do you need advice on what to look for when casting voice talent? If you know you will need a voice-over for your project but you've never auditioned voice-over talent before there are a...

3 Tips for Casting Voice Talent in Animation

Everyone loves animation. It's fun and youthful. It can instantly make even the most mundane subjects interesting. It's a good platform for businesses to send their messages, to promote a product or service, and to educate children with fun cartoon...

6 Tips for Writing a Stellar Voice Over Script

Are you posting a job at Whether you're a seasoned copywriter or new to script writing, a good voice-over starts with a well written script. Writing a voice-over script requires a different approach than writing essays, white papers, or...

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