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The Professional's Guide to Voice Acting

Are you at a stage in your career where you feel there could be more on the horizon? With so many different How-Tos and resources on the web these days for people who aspire to become voice actors, we've created...

7 Tips for Producing Great Audio Recordings on the iPhone

Whether you're recording auditions on the go or recording from your comfort of your home, here are seven quick tips to ensure you are producing great audio recordings from your iPhone using the Voices.com iPhone App

How To Soundproof Your Home Recording Studio

Not sure about your where your studio stands in terms of soundproofing? From time to time, we'll receive emails from members who are concerned with the quality of their recordings due to noise, echoes or slap-back. Today's VOX Daily will...

To Pop or Not? Are Pop Filters Necessary?

Nearly every photograph I've seen of a voice over talent at the mic during a studio session has been accompanied by a pop filter. Recently, I heard someone say that a pop filter was not necessary if you could position...

Want to Build a Home Recording Studio?

Over the course of last summer, voice over talent Curt Palmer completed his first professional-grade home recording studio, going from nothing to something that is serving him very well. Building a home recording studio takes a lot of thought, planning...

Building Your Home Recording Studio? Advice from Sweetwater Sound

Having a home recording studio is a given if you want to be a professional voice talent in today's world. Even if you do most of your work outside of your home in local studios, you will still need to...

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