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Most Common Languages Other Than English and Spanish Spoken in the US

Have you ever stopped to think about the languages that are being spoken all around you? Aside from English and Spanish, what do you think are the most commonly spoken languages on a state by state basis? With over 6800... is Now Available in Spanish!

Are you a Spanish-speaking member of If you answered "yes," we've got some great news for you! To meet the growing needs of our community, and as part of our Going Global initiative, we are pleased to announce that...

The Benefits of Being a Polyglot

Do you speak three or more languages fluently? When it comes to being a voice talent, having multiple languages at your disposal opens more doors of opportunity with the ability to service a wider range of clients. If you're a...

3 Things to Double Check Post Redesign at

Now that the new is live, there are a few things that you can do to help make your experience using the site even better! While it's good to periodically update your profile from time to time, I thought...

Do Different Languages Use Different Facial Muscles?

Ever notice that your face may feel different depending on what language you are speaking? Just as voicing multiple characters in quick succession can be challenging, switching from one language to another can also pose interesting muscular challenges. Does this...

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