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The Professional's Guide to Voice Acting

Are you at a stage in your career where you feel there could be more on the horizon? With so many different How-Tos and resources on the web these days for people who aspire to become voice actors, we've created...

Marketing Your Voice Through Local Networking

In which ways are you marketing your voice locally? Are you part of an ad club or chamber of commerce? Promoting your voice should be a multi-pronged strategy that involves more than just social networking online... in other words, don't...

Voice Over Group in London, ON Canada?

This past weekend, a few members of the staff attended PodCamp London, an unconference that we have sponsored and spoken at for two years running. An interesting idea came up during the Question and Answer period following my presentation... Holding a Toronto Mixer on February 19, 2010

Have any plans for the evening of Friday February 19th, 2010? Live in, around or close to Toronto? is holding a mixer for our customers and we'd love to see you there! Join David Ciccarelli and members of the...

You Gotta Have Friends in Voice Over

Voice over is a friendly business and certainly the having of friends in voice over makes a big difference in your career, whether you're just getting started or you're in a position to give a helping hand. Read this fab...

Why YOU NEED ME as Your Voice

Have you ever thought about why people should be hiring you to record their voice overs? Caryn Clark attended a local business networking event recently and found that upon introducing herself as a professional voice actor, she had some explaining...

Does Talking Get You Hired?

People talk freely all the time but not everyone gets paid for doing it! Have your pipes ever got you a gig simply by chatting it up?...

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