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We're Bringing VOX Talk Back!

Do you like listening to podcasts? Well, we're adding another one to our podcast centre! Actually, this is really more of a reintroduction. For those of you who have been with us for a number of years you may remember...

What Do You Like To Read About?

Created by co-founder, Stephanie Ciccarrelli, the first VOX Daily article was published on December 20th, 2005. In 2010, VOX Daily celebrated its fifth birthday. That's a lot of articles to celebrate! As of today there are 1,949 published stories...

8 Audio Production Tips for Voice Actors

Read advice from voice actors turned producers on branching out into audio production services.

How To Work With Independent Audio Theater Producers

Brian Price joins us again with some insight for those who'd love to become part of an audio theater production. Acting is at the very heart of it all, and if you've been thinking about entering into the theater of...

Google's Pulling the Plug on Google Audio Ads

Yesterday, some breaking news emanated from the Google campus in Mountainview, CA via Google VP of Product Management, Susan Wojcicki, announcing that they would be closing the door on their foray into connecting advertisers purchasing remnant air-time with audio producers...

Ever Had An Out-Of-Voice Experience?

Voices, Voices Everywhere! Does an ISDN session ever leave you feeling like you're having an Out-Of-Voice Experience? Speaking to and hearing disembodied voices can be a rather interesting way to spend your time. Can you relate?...

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