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4 Tips to Keep Players from Tapping the Mute Button on Your Casual Game

Do your players enjoy listening to the audio in your casual game? Could they even be muting the game to have a better experience? If so, that's a huge missed opportunity for your brand (and possibly, a poor gaming...

Does Your Microphone Help or Hinder You?

Have you ever thought how great a role your microphone plays in the overall scheme of things? Many talent obsess over which microphone they should get. They focus on how the technology captures their voice, on if they should...

How to Effectively Work with a Newcomer in the Voiceover Industry

When you want a voice-over job to go smoothly, good communication goes a long way. While this is true of all working relationships, it's especially important when you are taking on a project with someone who has recently entered...

10 Skills to Look for in an Audiobook Narrator

Have you ever started listening to an audiobook and wanted to throw your iPod out the window? That's the last thing you want the listener to feel like doing with your own audiobook. One of the most enjoyable, and sometimes...

Music in Demos? Let the Debate Begin!

I recently received a question from someone starting out who asked if music was necessary to include in a voice over demo. As I got to thinking about it, music can either be a beneficial thing, a good thing or...

Are You Living Up to Your Demos?

Just how important is it that you can replicate everything on your demo? Whether it's production, vocal artistry or interpretation, people get the distinct impression that what they hear is what they'll get. How's your demo representing your abilities? Explore...

12 Intricacies of Voice Acting and Production

Have you ever thought about just how intricate some of your voice over work is? Whether it's painting words, deliberate markings made in your script or the meticulousness of audio production, this work can be quite intense! Find out more...

When Is It Time To Record a New Voice Over Demo? 10 Indicators!

How do you know it's time to revamp your voice over demos? There are a number of indicators, some that jump right out at you, and others that are so subtle that it may take another set of ears...

How Much Should Voice Talent Know About Audio Production?

As a voice over talent with a home recording studio, how much should you concern yourself with learning more about (or becoming proficient at) mixing, editing, adding sound effects, and music? Is it of vital importance that you learn all...

Production in Voice Over Auditions: How Complex Does it Need to Be?

For many voice talent, interpreting a script isn't a problem... it's wondering what else to include in the recorded audition! When you're creating a custom demo or auditioning for a voice over job, do you simply submit dry voice, or...

Does Your Studio Have a Nickname?

Some people have nicknames that they call their studio. Similarly to how Batman has the Batcave, I'm sure you have a name for where you do your voice over recordings. What do you call your recording studio?...

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