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Need Resources for Auditioning and Casting Voice Overs?

Are you new to casting voice-overs? Do you need advice on what to look for when casting voice talent? If you know you will need a voice-over for your project but you've never auditioned voice-over talent before there are a...

3 Great Animation Voice Acting Resources

Discover resources that you can draw upon when researching the history of voice acting in animation.

A Champion for Spanish Voice Artists Rises to the Challenge

Have you been looking for more educational, artistic and business resources pertaining to voice overs in Spanish? I'm pleased to announce that there is a new resource for Spanish speaking voice over talent! Pablo Hernandez is championing the cause and...

Knowing How a Story Ends Before You Get There

As Scott Brick says, with regard to audiobook narration, you need to keep the end of the story in mind even at the beginning. By starting your work with the end in sight, you are able to lead your listeners...

Just About Everything You Ever Wanted To Know at

When you have a question about using, auditioning, business tips for voice talent, or technology, where do you go first? If you are new to or perhaps haven't visited our Help section before, you'd be surprised just how...

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