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9 VO Hacks to Sound Better and Save Money

Want to sound better while being more productive and saving some money while you're at it? Check out these 9 VO hacks from Tommy Griffiths to get started now!...

Find the Right VO Delivery for Any Script, Every Time

Do you wonder what people think about the auditions you send in? Tommy Griffiths guest blogs today, walking us through how you can perform the right voice-over delivery for any script each time you step up to the mic....

Buying a Microphone? 5 Rules You Should Know!

Christmas is right around the corner! That said, are you hoping to receive a microphone or to build out your collection this coming year? Guest blogger Tommy Griffiths shares his thoughts on what you need to know before buying...

Tommy Griffiths 5-Minute Workout for Voice Actors

How do you keep your voice in tip-top shape? Have you considered a workout regimen that supports your voice? Singers, film, TV, and stage actors all have exercises they do to prepare their voices before hitting the stage or set....

How to Nail an Audition with Little or No Direction

What do you do when you've got a good script with ambiguous creative direction? Do you shoot from the hip or dig in a little deeper? Getting an audition that is seriously lacking in direction can be seriously frustrating. Not...

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