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Software Won't Replace Human Translation Anytime Soon

Automated translation tools like Google Translate and Bing Translator have gotten lots of headlines in recent months as they've added features and languages and have become available within a wider range of apps and services. This technology trend is also...

How Localization Unlocks Business Growth Potential

Do you know just how important translation is? When you expand into a new country or region, are you simply rubber-stamping your strategy or are you customizing your approach? Are you having trouble expanding because of it? You're not alone....

English Version: Spanish Voice Over Talent in the Industry Evolution Spiral

Last week Silvana Lombardini joined us as a Guest Blogger to discuss the changing landscape of the Latin American voice-over industry. The original version was posted in Spanish. By popular demand, we are re-posting the article in English as well... is Now Available in Spanish!

Are you a Spanish-speaking member of If you answered "yes," we've got some great news for you! To meet the growing needs of our community, and as part of our Going Global initiative, we are pleased to announce that...

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