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Why Should Radio Stations Hire Freelance Voice Talent?

To save money and time, radio stations often use in-house talent to voice their ads. It may seem more efficient to use announcers who are close-by, but it can cause more problems than it solves. When the same voices are...

We're Bringing VOX Talk Back!

Do you like listening to podcasts? Well, we're adding another one to our podcast centre! Actually, this is really more of a reintroduction. For those of you who have been with us for a number of years you may remember...

What Do You Like To Read About?

Created by Voices.com co-founder, Stephanie Ciccarrelli, the first VOX Daily article was published on December 20th, 2005. In 2010, VOX Daily celebrated its fifth birthday. That's a lot of articles to celebrate! As of today there are 1,949 published stories...

Veterans in Voice Over 3: In Honor of Heroes

In this, the final segment of our Veterans in Voice Over special, we feature Linsay Rousseau, who served in the Iraq War, OIF IV. 2005-2006 as a public affairs sergeant for the U.S. Army's 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st...

Veterans in Voice Over 2: In Honor of Heroes

In the second edition of Veterans in Voice Over, I had the pleasure of getting to know Karl Zinchak, USN (Retired). Karl was first introduced to voice over early in his 20-year US Navy career while working as a combat...

Veterans in Voice Over: In Honor of Heroes

Known as Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans Day in the United States, on November 11th we honor those how have fought for their countries, some fortunate to make their way back home, some making the ultimate sacrifice, with a...

Deborah Sale-Butler: Fake It Till You Make It

Have you ever wondered how some of the faces that appear on the Recently Hired keep making the list? You've likely seen Deborah Sale-Butler on that list many times. How does she do it? She has taken her years of...

Jerry Buckner is No One Hit Wonder

Have you ever been labeled a one-hit-wonder? Voices.com member Jerry Buckner can relate. A successful songwriter, producer and voice-over artist Jerry was labeled a one-hit-wonder himself for his 80's hit single "PacMan Fever." What many people don't know is that...

What is an NDA and When Should One Be Issued?

Are you booking a voice talent for a major client? Did you sign a secrecy agreement? Have you considered all parties involved? At Voices.com we often marvel at the incredible voice-over work produced by the talent at our site for...

A Discussion on Gender Specific Vocal Stereotypes

Are you ever asked to perform in a vocal style that drives you up the wall? Do you have a pet peeve about uptake speech patterns? Actress Lake Bell can relate. In her new film "In a World" the audience...

How To Audition On The Voices.com iPhone App

Voices.com's highly rated app is perfect for voice talent, actors and narrators looking for voiceover work.

How To Use The Voices.com iPhone App As A Voice Talent

Voices.com's iPhone app is perfect for voiceover talent, actors and narrators looking for voiceover work. And, it all starts with creating a voiceover talent profile!

Weirdest Places Auditions Have Been Recorded

With the launch of the new Voices.com iPhone App, submitting auditions has never been easier. You have the ability to audition as soon as the job comes through, right from your phone!

The Benefits of Being a Polyglot

Do you speak three or more languages fluently? When it comes to being a voice talent, having multiple languages at your disposal opens more doors of opportunity with the ability to service a wider range of clients. If you're a...

How To Keep Characters Straight When Reading Multiple Roles

When you're reading for a project that involves multiple voices and drastically different characterizations, how do you keep all of those voices straight while maintaining a steady read as each word dances off the page? Hear about several techniques that...

After The Classes: Where Do I Go From Here?

Have you recently completed voice over classes? Are you asking yourself "Now what?" Many voice talent who are new to the industry tell us that after they've developed the basic performance skills with a voice over coach they have no...

Self-Assessment: Is Voice Over The Right Career For You?

A voice over career requires a well-rounded set of skills. Learn more about what skills one should have in order to develop a fulfilling career as a voice over artist.

The Emotional Voice

All humans have a second language. It's called vocal paralanguage. Read more about what it is and how it enhances a voice over performance in today's Vox Daily.

Get Your Own Voices.com Badge!

Did you know that you can feature your own Voices.com badge online? We have a number of badges to choose from that can be embedded on your website, blog and beyond. Take a look to see how some of your...

Talking Toys: Who Voices Those Anyway?

A voyage to the toy store left Lin wondering; who are the voices behind all these talking toys? Find out more in today's Vox Daily.

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