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Voices.com Premium Membership Giveaway!

From time to time, we like to give away prizes because, well, we love to do it. And since this is the holiday season, we're in a giving mood. If you've been listening to Vox Talk or are following Voices.com...

Audition Improvements Feature Helps Talent, Raises Project Quality

We're a little more excited than usual today. In launching a pilot of our new Audition Improvements feature, we're helping everyone in the industry raise the level of their game. The updates to our service, which we're soft-launching today and...

Dissolve: The Rest Is History

If you're reading this article, there's a high probability that you're in the business of storytelling. Voices.com is home to storytellers using the human voice. Dissolve is home to storytellers who use video to enhance their stories. What happens when...

Voices.com Exhibiting at VOICE 2014

Do you have any plans this year to step up your game as a career voice artist? The VoiceOver International Creative Experience, lovingly known as VOICE, will take place in Anaheim, California from August 27th through August 30th, 2014. Over...

Voices.com is Now Available in Spanish!

Are you a Spanish-speaking member of Voices.com? If you answered "yes," we've got some great news for you! To meet the growing needs of our community, and as part of our Going Global initiative, we are pleased to announce that...

Deborah Sale-Butler: Fake It Till You Make It

Have you ever wondered how some of the faces that appear on the Recently Hired keep making the list? You've likely seen Deborah Sale-Butler on that list many times. How does she do it? She has taken her years of...

Coffee vs Tea Which Do You Prefer?

How does the Voices.com team stay alert to serve you during the day? If you were to walk the halls at Voices.com HQ, would you be greeted by the aroma of coffee brewing or the sound of a kettle boiling?...

Write Your Review Of The Voices.com iPhone App

Voices.com recently launched the new iPhone App and we would like to hear your reviews. Today we are going to share the steps to download the new Voices.com iPhone app and how to best craft a review in the AppStore.

7 Tips for Producing Great Audio Recordings on the iPhone

Whether you're recording auditions on the go or recording from your comfort of your home, here are seven quick tips to ensure you are producing great audio recordings from your iPhone using the Voices.com iPhone App

How To Audition On The Voices.com iPhone App

Voices.com's highly rated app is perfect for voice talent, actors and narrators looking for voiceover work.

How To Hire Voice-over Talent Using Voices.com's iPhone App

Voices.com's highly rated iPhone App is perfect for audio producers, video producers, advertisers and marketers to easily connect with voiceover talent.

Interview With Voices.com iPhone App Developer

Join me in meeting the man "behind the app", Jamie Klapwyk. Understand the steps it took to build the app, what technology/equipment was used in the process and what drew Jamie to this position at Voices.com!

Audio Recording Gear and Software Review Contest at Voices.com

Do you love talking about audio recording equipment and recording software? Does writing reviews of the equipment you use interest you? We're running a contest giving you the opportunity to submit a review on any piece of audio recording gear...

Voices.com To Ride The Heart & Stroke Big Bike!

Did you know every 7 minutes someone dies from heart disease and stroke in Canada? A number of us from Voices.com will be participating in the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Big Bike Event, cycling to raise funds for a worthy...

Voices.com Fall 2011 Preview

Today, you're getting a sneak peek of the new profile design. What's changed and what has stayed the same? Find out in today's VOX Daily!...

VOX Daily Surprise

You might have been wondering why there have been so many guest articles as of late on VOX Daily. In the spirit of being open with my readers, I thought I'd give you a quick update on what (or I...

Voices.com Sponsors CNIB SENSEsation2011 UnGala

Has vision loss affected your life or that of someone you love? Voices.com is serving as the social media sponsor for CNIB's annual fund-raising event the SENSEsation2011 UnGala whose aim is "to ignite the senses and bring out the...

Voices On The Radio

Don't you love turning the dial in cities or places far from home to find a familiar voice?

Improvements Made To Voices.com's Job Invitation Emails

You might have noticed that some of the emails you are receiving from Voices.com with regard to invitations to jobs have a new look! Today's VOX Daily will discuss what has changed and how these changes will benefit you....

13 Things NOT To Do In Your Audition

Are your auditions really putting your best foot forward? Do you wonder if something you may be doing could be holding you back from getting the gig? Deb Munro shares 13 things to avoid when auditioning whether in person or...

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