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The Ultimate VO Guide Really Is Ultimate

How do you feel about giving back to the VO community? If you've reached any level of achievement in the industry, do you take time to help those just starting out? David Tyler believes in giving back to the community...

Introducing Partner Programs!

Have you ever wondered how you can better leverage your relationship with Are you interested in expanding your audience and having a further global reach? Today, we're pleased to introduce the Partner Programs! Whether you're looking for a...

Jay Britton's Innovative Journey into Voice Overs

What does an aspiring voice actor do to get into the voice-over industry? Any voice-over professional would agree, the first thing you need to do is get training. One up-and-comer took that to heart. Meet Jay Britton, an aspiring voice...

Two Skype Clinics Offered by Edge Studio

Have you ever been directed or completed a voiceover job via Skype? New technologies can be intimidating but there are classes being offered on how to record and deliver voice over work via Skype. Learn more about two upcoming webinars... Helps Give Talent The Edge Studio Advantage

Are you looking to further develop your voice over career through education? is working together with Edge Studio to bring you a variety of courses under the banners of Acting and Performance, Business and Marketing, and Technology that...

After The Classes: Where Do I Go From Here?

Have you recently completed voice over classes? Are you asking yourself "Now what?" Many voice talent who are new to the industry tell us that after they've developed the basic performance skills with a voice over coach they have no...

How to Transform Your Regional Accent Like Eliza Doolittle

Can you be coached to lose a regional accent like Eliza Doolittle in George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion? What does it take to shake off ingrained regionalisms and project a more "national" sound? Many of the voices you have heard over...

How To Become a Successful Voice Over Artist (online course)

Johnna Gottlieb (pictured at left) is teaching an online course in "How To Become a Successful Voice Over Artist" via UCLA Extension this spring! Regardless of where you are, you could be learning from one of the industry's best on...

Don Morrow Voice Over Workshop in Stamford, CT

"If there had been no Don Morrow, there would be no Don LaFontaine."--- Don LaFontaine. Now is your opportunity to study with the mentor and friend of the legendary Don LaFontaine. Attend the workshop and also have a brief trailer...

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