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The Voice of Summer: Michael Brang Brings Lowe's "Outdoor Room" Campaign to Life

With the great rush of readying one's yard for the summer season, be sure to pause as you collect supplies for a Saturday morning project because you may hear a familiar voice in your local home improvement retailer....

The Modern Renaissance Man

Voiceovers. Music composition. Writing. He does it all. That is the definition of a "Renaissance Man," and the ideal way to explain voice-over up and comer Joe Zieja. Having recently opened Renaissance Man Studio, Joe is experiencing a breakthrough in...

Man of 4000 Voices Patrick Fraley to Give Keynote at VoiceWorld Toronto

Everyone has a voice, so they say, but does everyone truly learn how to use their voice in a way that furthers their career or helps them to live out dreams tucked away deep inside? VoiceWorld, a conference being held on Saturday May 4th in Toronto at the Hilton Hotel, is just the ticket for people who desire to renew their passion for communicating effectively and with purpose.

Find Voice Talent Using Voices.com's New BlackBerry 10 App

London-based company launches BlackBerry 10 App just down the 401 from KW-based giant, BlackBerry

Ontario Business-of-the-Year Finalist Announces First Annual VoiceWorld Toronto Conference

Voices.com brings a world of opportunities for voice-over professionals and those who want to get into the business with VoiceWorld Toronto.

Industry Leading Voice Actor Knows How to Make Online Marketplaces Work for Him

Over the last two years, J. Michael Collins has emerged as one of the most in-demand talents in the online voice-over space. Online marketplaces for voice overs are an integral part of his business plan. As much as 40 per...

Voice-over Casting Has Never Been Easier For Apple Users

Producers can now audition voice talent while on the go thanks to version 2.0 of the Voices.com App. Now available on the iPad.

Online Marketplace Leads Industry Forward with VoiceMatch Recommendation Engine

New feature builds on a Canadian company's record for leading innovation in the voice over industry.

President Lincoln honoured by Grandfather-Granddaughter voice over team

With Presidents' Day just around the corner, globally recognized voice actor Skip Orem partnered with his granddaughter to create a video about Lincoln's Gettysburg address. The project is narrated by Skip's granddaughter, eight-year-old Patricia Orem, and is meant to be...

Former CNN Broadcaster Gives College Students New Voice

Paula Lin focuses on helping students gain experience with script reading and copy analysis. Through more intensive practicing, she will help her pupils build on their strengths and identify the best genres to target as they launch their VO careers.

New Wave For Female Voice Over Artists In TV Promos

Rachel Fulginiti is helping pave the way into television promos for female voice over talent, a traditionally male dominated genre.

Voice Over Coach J. Michael Collins Now Providing Lessons Via Skype and ISDN

As a former university English professor, professional voice over artist J. Michael Collins is able to deliver voiceover coaching with the skill, thoughtfulness, and patience of a trained teacher.

Voice Over Talent, Skip Orem, Celebrates 175th Episode of the Get Fit Pod

Skip Orem, a self-proclaimed "fitness geek", is the creator and host of one of the most downloaded fitness podcasts on iTunes.

Voice Talent Get an Advantage with Voices.com and Edge Studio

Voices.com has joined forces with Edge Studio, one of America's top voice over education providers, to help voice-over talent take their careers to the next level.

Alain Cadieux: One Of The Top Voice Talent In Quebec

With nearly three decades in the voice over industry, professional voice over artist Alain Cadieux is one of the most sought after voice over performers in Québec.

Debbie Feldman: The Lady You Love To Hate When Put On Hold

Just name the business or profession and Debbie Feldman has done on-hold messages for it; proving that she can truly "talk the talk" in the voice over industry.

Cal Koat Helps World Beat Obtain Global Exposure

Using podcasting, interviews, reviews, and charts, Cal Koat has taken a small segment of the music industry and brought it to people's computers across the globe.

Voice Over Community Petitioning the Oscars

Today the voice over community bands together lobbying for their industry to be recognized at the Oscars. Currently the Academy recognizes just four acting awards. Animated films are eligible for the Best Picture and Animated Feature Film categories but there...

Ken Theriot Guest Stars On Voice Over Experts Podcast

Ken Theriot shares his perspective and tips for auditioning as a working voice actor who uses the voice over marketplace to promote himself and do business online.

Voice Over Experts: Building A Voiceover House With Marc Cashman

Voice Over Coach Marc Cashman teaches talent how their voice work is like building a house in a new episode of the Voice Over Experts Podcast.

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