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The Talent Came to Me

I really enjoyed using because all of the voice talent came to me. I didn't have to spend hours doing a web search for different voice actors that may or may not fit the role I was looking for....

Wide Range of Opportunities

I enjoy the fact that allows me a wide range of opportunities with which to explore and expand my work and skills. The latest project was for an online game featuring funny, spooky skeletons (anything with the word 'funny'... Is Wonderful

The entire process was fabulous - beginning with my first contact at, Jeremy (who answered all of my questions throughout the process and stayed in touch with me until the job was done), and ending with the receipt of...

Three Part Webinars Helped Me Negotiate My Son's Contract

Thanks to's 3 part webinar, I negotiated my child's audiobook and personal appearance contract quite easily! Thank you again for your hospitality towards we "newbies." We are looking forward to learning more, and growing into your amazing community. Melissa... Was the Obvious Place to Start

Learning from your excellent podcasts, I thought a native English voice could be useful on your side of the Atlantic. was the obvious place to start - and you come up with the goods! Have just completed a great...

I Was Thrilled to Land an Audiobook Project

My first experience was excellent. After a lot of auditions, I was getting a little discouraged. But I wasn't about to let up. I'm an actor, so I was thrilled to land an audiobook project; a Crime Drama, playing a...

Ramping Up

I've been with all of a month now, but I am pretty well versed in the process of audition... and audition... and audition. Until a week or so ago I was feeling kinda blah about the whole thing, but...

Praise for Alex Rain and his Audio Book Narration

I recently engaged Alex Rain to narrate an audiobook, Keep Any Promise - www The quality of recording, the attention to detail, the timeliness and the sticking to budget were all OUTSTANDING! I will most definitely use his services...

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