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Broadcaster Lends His Voice To Help Combat Childhood Obesity

Published by Lin Parkin

February 9, 2011

michaelmorgan.jpgMichael Morgan, a national on-air talent in the Canadian broadcast industry, has a distinctive voice that has been heard by Canadians coast to coast and has given life to over 3000 commercials representing over three decades of work in the advertising industry. But no voice is higher in priority for Morgan than the voice of overweight and obese children who suffer shame and distress every day of their lives. Michael has transitioned his extensive career in broadcasting into a sought after strategic communicator, brand developer, writer, public speaker, media trainer, motivator, marketer, teacher, executive producer, and voice over artist.

Working with Founder Dr. Greg Chang, DDS, Morgan is on the board of directors for the nonprofit multimedia children's programming company "SuperChefs of the Universe." The SuperChefs mission is to fight the battle of childhood obesity in North America by building awareness and momentum for their animated characters that entertain young children and vicariously educate them on the power of nutrition and the fun of cooking in vanquishing the fat devils in the virtual Galaxy of Munch.

Michael Morgan lends his expertise as a voice talent, public speaker, marketer, and brand developer to get to the heart of the issue and craft strategies and tactics to meet this issue head on now and in the future. Morgan uses a creative and emotional twist, along with his trademark enthusiasm to help educate the public, children and parents about this growing concern.

Morgan's voice can be heard on the SuperChefs intro-video on their website and he generously donates his time speaking at events to raise awareness about childhood obesity and to spread the word about the SuperChefs program.

About Michael Morgan

Over his career, Michael Morgan has owned and operated a national advertising agency for clients with international reach, hosted a nationally syndicated radio show, and continues to be a sought-after voice for advertisers in Canada, the United States, and Europe. Morgan is credited with creating emotionally based, strategic political television advertising bold enough to garner the attention of the political science department at Yale University, and the Washington Post. Central to this diversity is his ability to get to the heart of an issue, to craft strategies and tactics to meet it head on with a creative and emotional twist and his trademark enthusiasm.

About The SuperChefs Universe

SuperChefs Entertainment Inc. is a company dedicated to the prevention of childhood obesity by focusing our animated characters, the SuperChefs of the Universe. SuperChefs entertain and educate young children, through PC video games and cookery classes, about the power and the fun that comes from the joy of cooking, eating nutritious foods and daily exercise and the lifelong impact they can have on their lives.

The commercialization of the SuperChefs of the Universe products will enable our Foundation to fund a variety of charitable initiatives to fight childhood obesity around the world like the SuperChefs Cookery for Kids. The SuperChefs of the Universe brand will be the international gold standard for entertainment, live theater, cartoons, movies, video games, publishing, cooking resorts for kids and commercial products that in combination champions the good health and lifestyles of all children wherever they live on earth.

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Published by Lin Parkin

February 8, 2011


On February 7th 2011 was honoured to receive The Featured Company of London Award from the City of London and the London Economic Development Corporation. The award recognizes's success, growth and impact on the London economy.

"The team at is honoured to receive the Featured Company of London Award," says David Ciccarelli, Co-Founder of "Our success has been a collective effort and this recognition serves as encouragement to the entire team at and to the London technology community as we continuously strive to be leaders in the digital media field." defines their unique culture using the three Ps; People, Planet and Profit.


The company makes a point of working with emerging leaders and staff who specialize in a variety of disciplines resulting in a group of people with the knowledge and passion to serve their customers in a world-class manner. Additionally, has aligned itself with many community organizations such as The Tech Alliance, The University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College.

Planet is also learning a new discipline, one that allows them to lessen their environmental impact when developing innovative products and services. This discipline is known broadly as sustainability. In this regard, has located their head office in the LEED certified green building, The Convergence Center located on the Research Park campus at the University of Western Ontario.


In less than a decade the company went from a two person operation into a multi-million dollar organization employing fifteen people, with plans to double staff by the end of 2011. is utilizing operating income to reinvest in the community, its staff and through organizations such as The United Way and World Vision.

To learn more about, visit:

To find out more about the LEDC Awards, go to:

About is an online marketplace that connects businesses with professional voice over talent. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies all rely upon the marketplace to search for, audition and hire voice talent. Companies that have used include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader's Digest, Comcast, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Western Union, Ford, GM, the US Army, the US Government and more.

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