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Cal Koat Helps World Beat Obtain Global Exposure

By Lin Parkin

April 21, 2011

Cal Koat.jpgIn a world of corporate media giants, voice talent and broadcaster Cal Koat has pioneered a website that caters to a small but growing segment of music lovers with specific, discerning tastes.

Koat has created World Beat Canada, an online repository of music from all over the globe that is rarely heard by the general population. He has taken this small segment of the music industry and given it global exposure through This has given the genre a substantial audience base proving that there are still successes to be achieved by independents through niche or narrow-casting, especially in music. also hosts Celt in a Twist, a weekly online and local Vancouver broadcast. "It sure ain't your Grand pappy's fiddle music," says Koat. Heading into its 10th year the program has built a loyal and growing fan base around the world that has an appreciation for modern expressions of Celtic music such as Celtronica, Celt Punk, and New Traditional.

About Cal Koat

Cal Koat has worked in Greater Vancouver radio for thirty years, twenty-five of those specifically in multicultural broadcasting, most notably as International Program Director of 96.1 FM, CHKG and AM 1470, CJVB, Fairchild Radio and executive producer of on Channel M.

Koat was instrumental in the application and acquisition of Fairchild Media Group's license for AM 1430, CHKT, Toronto and wrote the programming format for 96.1 FM, affectionately known as 'The World' which for three years, until October 31st, 2000 grew a loyal and enthusiastic audience as North America's 'very first commercial FM world beat radio station'. He has been presented with the Canadian Association Of Broadcaster's highest honour for Canadian Talent Development, The Gold Ribbon Award, recognizing 96.1 FM's World Music Spectacular for excellence in the promotion and development of Canada's world music artists.

Koat currently voices and produces movie trailers, splitters, promos and IDs for Fairchild Radio.

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