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Voice Over Coach J. Michael Collins Now Providing Lessons Via Skype and ISDN


By Lin Parkin

August 18, 2011

J Michael Collins.jpgVeteran voice talent J. Michael Collins is now offering the expertise he has accumulated over nearly twenty years as a voiceover professional to other talents, new and established alike.

In addition to his live studio sessions in Washington, DC, through the magic of Skype and ISDN, Collins is now able to offer a variety of live coaching services no matter where a student is located.

Classes currently being offered include:

New & Aspiring Talent

• Introduction to Voiceover (Basics of creating a demo, entering the ranks of professionals, getting an agent, marketing yourself, etc.)
• Talent Evaluations & Initial Coaching/Counseling (Do you have the pipes? What type of work suits you best.)
• Continuing Support and Counseling of New Talent (Audition-based coaching. Why did/didn't you get the job, how to move your career forward?)

All Talent

• General Coaching, Talent Support Services (Evaluation of demos and auditions, counselling and mock VO work to improve current offerings.)
• Versatility Training (How to expand and maximize your vocal range.)
• Thinking Like a Voice Seeker (Learning what potential clients want, what buzzwords mean, and how to evaluate whether an audition/job will be worth your time.)

As a former pedagogical university English professor, Collins is able to deliver voiceover coaching with the skill, thoughtfulness, and patience of a trained teacher.

"Like any motivated instructor, I am driven by the joy of watching my students develop and refine their skills, and then put them into practice in a way that translates directly to professional success," says Collins.

About J. Michael Collins

With over fifteen years as an industry professional, J. Michael Collins is able to call upon a wealth of experience and accumulated knowledge to provide you with the very best product possible. Throughout his career, he has dedicated himself to providing voiceovers of superior quality to all clients, large and small.

From advertisements for major corporations such as Coca Cola and McDonald's, movie trailers for worldwide release, television documentaries, Fortune 500 corporate narration, and audio-books, to promos for the local pizza place, his experience with a wide range of clients allows him to expertly create a perfect product for you, whatever your needs.

For more information contact Mr. Collins at:

Skype: jmichaelcollins
Telephone: (+352) 621493372

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