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Giving a Voice to Healthy Parenting


By Trisha Beausaert

November 15, 2013

Adriana E. Molina is the voice of the Mom in a two-minute animation just released by Picture Alternatives, an L.A.-based nonprofit organization that uses creative media to combat violence.

Molina, a bilingual voiceover talent, speaks her lines in Spanish and also serves as the Spanish-language narrator. Titled "La Elección," the production shows a mother and a toddler, both drawn as whimsical "monsters," experiencing a power struggle that is familiar to any parent. The production encourages parents to de-escalate, rather than escalate (as so often happens), conflicts with their kids.

"As a mom, and as a leader in children's issues, I loved having the chance to act in a production that promotes healthy parenting," said Molina, who is director of social marketing and violence prevention for the Children's Institute, an L.A. nonprofit organization.

Actress Orla Brady voices the mother and narrator in the English-language version, titled "The Choice." The toddler is voiced by seven-year-old Luna Molina (no relation).

The production can be viewed on Picture Alternatives' YouTube channel:

"The Choice" was written and directed by Jill Aske, who serves as Picture Alternatives' creative director.

"Adriana is a natural," said Aske. "She embodies a rare combination of complete fluency in Spanish and English, a genuine resonance with how challenging parenting can be, an ability to act with heart, and a passion for protecting children from violence."

"The Choice" visuals are the work of animator Cecilia de Jesus, an up-and-coming, award-winning animator who received her M.F.A. from the USC School of Cinematic Arts last May.

The score is by Dan Raziel, and the sound editing is by Kevin Thompson.

This animated piece is the first in what Picture Alternatives hopes will be a healthy-parenting series featuring these characters, according to Holly Bridges Shapira, executive director of the organization.

Picture Alternatives' mission is to use high-impact, short visual storytelling to educate about and advocate for alternatives to violence, both interpersonal and political violence.

About Adriana Molina

Adriana E. Molina has been singing in since she was 2-years-old and has been a bilingual voice performer for almost 20 years. She is has also spent many years working with at-risk children and families. This experience allows her to bring heart and passion to every read. Working with youth has also taught her to bring lightness, comedy and energy to her communication, which is important in today's fast-paced culture.

A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she describes herself as a performer at heart, a clinician by training and a social worker by experience. Ms. Molina is a dynamic speaker and vocal performer who provides training and consultation on topics of Community Mobilization, Client Advocacy, and Leadership as well as prevention and early intervention strategies for Compassion Fatigue, Secondary Traumatic Stress, and Burnout. She has been the voice of many bilingual apps, Spanish language radio ads for McDonalds, among others, and most recently, is the voice of the mother in Picture Alternatives' "La Elección."

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