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LinkedIn Group, "How to Make Money with Your Voice" Attracts Over 1,000 Members in 1 Year


By Trisha Beausaert

November 27, 2013

Ross Huguet has voiced campaigns for well-known companies like Red Bull, Infinity, Tradeweb, Gulfstream, GE, PIMCO, McDonald's, Disney and Honda. Now, he is translating his insight to the voice over industry via a wildly successful career group. What started as a simple marketing tool for his brand on the social networking site LinkedIn has quickly evolved into a 1000+ member assembly.

The group, "How to Make Money with Your Voice," was Ross Huguet's response to inquiries regarding how to get started in the industry, and how to be a success once there. "I started the group over a year ago and serve as its owner and moderator. The group was started as a marketing tool for my voice over services but has grown into much more than that," Ross explains. "It has become a resource for voice talent, and virtually any person who wishes to improve the sound and effectiveness of their voice." With a membership that exploded within 12 months of launching, and it is a wonderful forum for the community and individuals who are interested in becoming or hiring a voice talent. "Although it has not brought me any direct business, it has helped to position me as an industry leader," says Ross.

The group's success can be attributed to both the subject matter and knowledgeable members who share their perspectives and experiences. Containing insider information from the top people in the industry, supporters of "How to Make Money with Your Voice" and its followers have access to experts and ideas that can help them form their voice over careers. Members include authors, trainers, coaches, talent, producers, engineers, agents, casting directors, business owners, and marketing people, as well as individuals who are just starting out and want to improve the quality of their voice. Anyone can join the discussions, as Ross maintains that "the group was created for you."
The group is free to join, and can be found here.

About Ross Huguet

Gravitas. Confidence. Results. Ross Voice does Red Bull, Tradeweb, PIMCO, CNBC, Gulfstream, GE, HP and many more. Ross' voice is as confident, arresting and hypnotic as it is warm and convincingly trustworthy. This renowned "Ross Read" coupled with the experience of voicing literally thousands of scripts and producing hundreds of audio/visual productions - as CEO of his own successful production company - has made him both a master of voice persuasion and a most sought after English language speaking Voice Actor in the world.

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