Press Media Releases From Releases 2013 Report on the Voice Over Industry

By Trisha Beausaert

December 31, 2013

Industry giant,, recently released their annual report on the industry to great fanfare.

The report, which covers such topics as the vertical markets of the online voice over industry that were prevalent in 2013, such as advertising, broadcasting, e-learning, gaming, publishing, and streaming, acts as a forecast of where the industry is going and offers insight on how voice professionals can stay on top of it.

Acknowledging that voice actors are "in the midst of the digital revolution,", which is the number one online marketplace for voice over, maintains in the report that this revolution can be attributed to the wide-spread adoption of hardware devices, software programs and apps. David Ciccarelli, the CEO and Founder of the platform that over 200,000 registered users employ each month, explains in the report that "freelance and professional voice-over talent that work online have already made the first leap, have acknowledged the current state of the industry and the accepted practices for receiving work and promoting their services to a global audience."

The 2013 Report on the Voice Over Industry includes statistics, as well as insights on the challenges and opportunities faced by talent and clients alike. With a focus on how the momentum of digital technology has resulted in the industry's steady reliance on the internet,'s white paper addresses the trends that are quickly becoming the standard for the business of voice over.

Shared on the company's social media accounts, including LinkedIn, the full report can be found and downloaded here.

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About strives to achieve amazing things through the talent and faith of ordinary people. is the online marketplace that connects businesses with voice over talent.

More than 200,000 people from companies like ABC, NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, Sony, Audible, Comcast, Bell Canada, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Western Union, American Airlines, Toyota, Ford and GM as well as organizations such as the US Army and the US Government entrust the online marketplace with their stories and collaborate online.

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