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By Trisha Beausaert

July 7, 2014

Voice over professional, Naomi Mercer, is the voice of the Red Cross' newest water safety course.

Taking on the role of instructor for this online program, Mercer guides students through the material to become a Water Safety Instructor. The course is a combination of simulated learning on the web and lessons that take place in a pool. Upon completion of this course, participants can teach anyone- from a small child to an elderly person - how to swim any stroke.

The Red Cross project was facilitated through NogginLabs Inc., an eLearning company that discovered Mercer through is the industry-leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talent.

"It was a phenomenal experience, recording this Red Cross course," Says Seattle-based Mercer, who has worked with such clients as PBS, EA Sports, CBS, and Sirius XM Radio. "NogginLabs is a well-organized company with a smooth workflow. The script they wrote was very much the way I naturally speak. When I was in the studio recording the voice over it felt natural, exactly as if this part was actually written for me."

The recording of the project began in November of 2013, and was prepared using a meticulous audio file creation and labeling system. Every line that Mercer recorded had to be labeled perfectly to fit into a database so that a computer knows what line to pull up and at what time. This online course was recently launched this past May.

"I'm very proud to be involved in the jobs I do for the Red Cross because my voice is part of an interactive curriculum to learn CPR or to become a Water Safety Instructor," Mercer shares. "This project will teach people how to save lives in emergency situations. If someone is choking or drowning, people who took these courses should know what to do and how to help, and I like knowing that I have been able to help in some way."

The course is available online here.

About Naomi Mercer

Naomi Mercer is an actor, voice over talent, host and singer. Real, hip, droll but with high energy, Naomi has voiced projects for such high level clients as Sirius XM Radio, PBS, CBS' The Young and the Restless, Intel, and Electronic Arts.

Naomi can be relied on to create the sounds of anything from Disney characters to aliens to young boys to female soldiers to the darkest of villains. Real and natural, like your friend, Naomi is the voice of the girl next door.

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