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By David Ciccarelli

December 12, 2006

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The dream of every web company is to be featured on TechCrunch, the industry-leading blog that covers start-ups, venture capital and technology. Overnight, TechCrunch did a great story, albeit controversial, about and Google Audio Ads.

Google's recent foray into radio advertising is the latest effort in their quest for world domination of new and old media.


TechCrunch explained it this way:

Through partnerships with hundreds of radio stations, Google Audio Ads will offer customers the ability to bid on radio spots, and target ads by geography, station type, listener demographics and time of day.

On behalf of the team at, we believe that Google Audio Ads is great news.

Google, and hundreds of bloggers, will spread the word about radio commercials and how they are produced.

The digital economy will kick into gear presenting new radio advertisers with helpful tutorials, how-to's, white papers, and eBooks explaining how to not only purchase ad slots for terrestrial radio but also how to find the perfect voice online. is already positioned as the number one location to find, audition and hire voice talents online, it's just a matter of time until this new platform (Google Audio Ads) cracks open from its beta shell.

All in all, this new Google offering has created an incredible opportunity for us to continue to serve you, the customers who have created a vibrant community of professionals.

As always, your feedback is welcome.

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    This whole Google Audio Ad thing could really wind up to be more than just a shot in the arm to talent, talent seekers and those with audio production and commercial copy writing skills.

    I received a call from Google late last week regarding this new avenue of connecting Ad placers with those in position to help get their Ad off the ground and into the ears of waiting listeners. I am very excited about the strong potential of this connective "bridge"!! is, once again, on the ball and at the front of this train...KUDOS!

    Brian in Charlotte

    Posted by:


      I'll just echo Brian's comment: Kudos to It's great to see you guys continue to excel.

      Be well,

      Posted by:

        This looks like a great opportunity for all of us!
        Congratulations to for being recognized for all the work you do!


        Posted by:

          Brilliant... Outstanding!

          Yet another opportunity for our voice community. Thank you visionaries for everything you do.

          I am excited for all of us and am very glad to be here!

          Let's keep raising the bar.

          Bobbin Beam, Voice Actress

          Posted by:

            I was initially excited about the Google radio idea until I gave it more thought. I think it may be a wonderful opportunity for those who choose to work for lower than average rates, voice talent who are just starting out and for those whose primary job is not voice work. Since jobs will be bid on, it seems logical that voice over fees will continue to skew lower, making it more affordable for the advertisers and less desirable for full-time workng voice talent. Don't get me wrong, I think it is a wonderful opportunity for some but, overall, another step down the voice over job economic ladder for those of us who work every day as voice over talent. Stay strong and keep your rates at professional levels fellow talkers! :-)

            Also thanks to David C. for helping me in the internet world. He's generous, fair and sharp as a tack and all around good guy. They don't make em better.

            Tom Cassidy

            Award winning Audio Production for Radio, TV, Podcasts, Industrials and more-SunSpots Productions

            Orlando, FL
            Asheville, NC

            Posted by:

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