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How To Record a Voice-Over for PowerPoint


By David Ciccarelli

May 5, 2010

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How To Record Narration in PowerPointTo record a voice-over for a PowerPoint presentation, your computer will first need to be equipped with speakers, a microphone and a sound card. You have two recording options: You can record during the presentation as you go along; or you can record the narration before the presentation is run.

Comments can be recorded on separate slides, so if you do not want narration through the whole presentation--you choose exactly where you want it. To know which slides you have voice-over on, there is an icon shaped like a speaker on these particular slides. You can manually click the icon to play, or have it set to play automatically.

Step-by-Step for Recording Voice-Over in PowerPoint

1. Check your equipment.

Make sure your microphone is on and ready to go. Double click the speaker icon to open the sound mixer. Look for the "Microphone" and make sure the level is at least halfway up and not muted.

2. Set up new folders on your computer.

  • Create a new folder and name it something that relates to your project
  • Save the PowerPoint file that will be narrated, into the file you just created. Now give the PP file a new name

3. Set up narration recording in PowerPoint.

  • Choose the slideshow option in menu
  • Choose "record narration" (a box will appear)
  • Choose "change quality"
  • Choose "44.100kHz, 16 bit, Mono" next to "attributes"
  • Choose "set microphone level" Now follow the instructions given for testing your microphone and set it to a good level
  • Check the checkbox next to "link narration"
  • Choose "browse" then open the new folder you created in the step above. Highlight the folder then choose "select"

4. Begin recording

  • Choose the "OK" button and PowerPoint should begin your presentation, you can now do voice-overs on your slides.
  • You will always be asked to save the timings on the slides, always choose yes.
  • Save the complete PowerPoint presentation again

5. Final word of caution

  • Make sure you check and recheck the audio quality as you go along.

If you are working on a presentation for your business, you should consider hiring a professional voice-over talent. This will help ensure the quality on the final product perfect. Plus, having a voice that is attractive to others will keep the viewer's attention much longer on the presentation than if they are listening to someone with only a mediocre voice.

While on be sure to check some of our voiceover talents and listen to their samples, you may find just the right voice suited to the project you're working on.

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    Thank you for the help, I was able to record my voice on slides using powerpoint 2007. Can you do the same in 2010?

    Posted by:

      Thank you very much for your help. it worked :)

      Posted by:
      • joud
      • September 29, 2011 2:50 AM

        I can't see any "change quality" option...

        Posted by:
        • Roy
        • July 27, 2015 5:19 PM

          He has some serious skills in voice acting. I was taken right back to the original films when I heard his Skywalker voice over.

          Posted by:
          • Andrew
          • March 17, 2016 12:50 AM

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