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Why Marketers Should Use Voice Overs in Flash Videos to Improve Engagement


By David Ciccarelli

June 10, 2010

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Adobe FlashThere are many reasons to use voice-overs in Flash videos on your website; one of the most important is to improve viewer engagement for increased sales. If you're currently using Flash videos on your website's landing page, that's great. You can add a voice over to the Flash video so it will catch your visitor's attention and hold it.

Numerous studies have been done on the correlation between the human attention span and what captures an individual's attention and keeps it (Download Word Document). These studies have found that combining sensory elements, such as visuals and sound, will increase your retention rate and keep visitors on your site for longer periods of time.

Adobe Flash Statistics

Adobe Flash Statistics

Adobe Flash Player is the world's most pervasive software platform, used by over 2 million professionals and reaching 99% of Internet-enabled desktops in mature markets as well as a wide range of devices. Considering the vast majority of Internet users have Flash installed, you'll be safe in producing videos in Flash.

Why You Hire a Professional for Flash Video

Flash Video PlayerWhen adding voice overs to Flash video, you'll want to hire a voice over professional as they have the vocal delivery you need to make visitors want to keep listening instead of turning down the volume. Many businesses make the mistake of using an amateur voice over for their projects and regret not using a professional voice over actor. Businesses spend thousands of dollars to have someone build their website... why not invest a little more to upgrade and complete their marketing tool?

Work With a Copywriter to Craft a Compelling Message

Having a copywriter write a voice over script would be wise before contacting a voice over talent. This way you can audition the voice talent with the script you will ultimately be using. A copywriter can bring all of your marketing together for a bigger impact.

Script Your Message so it's Consistent With Your Overall Marketing Strategy

When looking for voice over talent, it's important to consider your business image, what you want to convey and how you want to convey it. For example, if you have car dealership you may want your website Flash video to talk about your warranties and other information that will be useful to potential customers. You could then have the same voice professional that recorded the voice over for your Flash video on your website do your on hold messaging. Instead of music, sync your website message with your phone message for a complete marketing strategy and give a consistent voice to your business as a whole.

Match The Voice Type to the Brand Image

If you are solely an Internet business then your Flash video is going to be much more important. has any and every type of voice talent you can think of. While on the site, check out a few of the voice samples of voice talent to get an idea what is out there. You will be excited by the possibilities that a voice over talent can bring to your business and your bottom line.

Have You Used a Voice Over in Your Flash Video?

Add your experience as a comment below and share your story.

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