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Disney Interactive Goes to Infinity - and Beyond

By Lin Parkin

August 20, 2013

disney-infinity-preview-mid.jpgDo you enjoy interactive video games?

If you enjoy playing video games as much as you do voicing them then you may have heard about Disney Interactive Studio's newest offering "Disney Infinity."

Released earlier this week, it's an interactive video game that transports Disney and Pixar characters into a virtual world where they can play together.

Infinity is compatible with the Wii, XBox 360, PS 3, WiiU, and Nintendo DS. The starter pack comes with three figurines and a base which you plug into your console.

Join Video Daily to learn more about this new game filled with some of Disney/Pixar's most favorite animated characters.


Animation School Teaches Curriculum Online

By Lin Parkin

July 31, 2013

AM_Logo_Stacked_300DPI_large.jpgDo you have a knack for computer animation?

If you've always wanted to study computer animation or visual effects but don't have a school nearby, you may have an alternative.

Meet Animation Mentor! We first heard about them from at the SIGGRAPH 2013 conference in Anaheim, CA.

Join us to learn more about who they are and how they are pioneering a new way for artists to learn online.


How to Write a Great Explainer Video Script

By Lin Parkin

July 19, 2013

launchspark3.jpgAre you in the market to create an explainer video?

Have you considered a script for the video?

Having a well written script is an integral part of the planning process for your video and has the power to make your video have more of an impact with your audience.

Learning what to consider prior to writing the script or producing the video are critical steps in the process.

Join us today as our guest blogger, Shawn Arora, founder of LaunchSpark Video, a Toronto-based explainer video agency, provides tips on what it takes to make your explainer video go from good to great with well planned script.


3 Cool Ways People Are Using Google Glass

By Lin Parkin

July 9, 2013

Google Glass Sm.jpgIn 2011 the first rustic prototype of Google Glass weighed in at a hefty 8 lbs, but the product has rapidly evolved from there. With more testing of the device in 2012, the first Google Glass developer prototypes were demonstrated publicly using lightweight materials, in HD first-person perspective in as early as February 2013.

The Google Glass Explorer initiative opened to public invitation around the same time with Google seeking "bold, creative individuals" to assist with further developing the the product. The goal with this program is to see how the average person uses the device and how improvements could be made to make it more appealing to the masses.

Most people recognize the incredible potential Google Glass has. In fact, it is speculated widely that Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are just some of the tech giants already developing competing products, which is ultimately a compliment to how cool this technology really is.


6 Tips for Hiring a Video Production Company

By David Ciccarelli

June 27, 2013

Creative Team.jpgYou've decided to commission a professional video production studio to help you promote what you do. But how do you choose a studio that will deliver the results you're after?

Whether you're a business owner who hopes to sell more products, a charity who needs to raise money, a hotel who wants more paying guests or a university who must attract better prospective students, it is crucial that you work with a video production company who will be able to realize your vision.

Choosing the wrong video production company isn't just a waste of money, but a poor choice could damage your hard-earned industry reputation.


Do You Use Jingles to Brand Your Business?

By Lin Parkin

June 25, 2013

Creative Agnecy.jpgAre jingles a thing of the past?

Or do they just need a modern day makeover?

Short musical advertisements have long been successful at helping businesses brand themselves or sell specific products and services. A catchy little tune implants itself in the minds of consumers and helps them remember your message better.

Jingles hit their peak during the economic boom in the 1950's when televisions entered the average American household, but it all started with radio advertising in the early 1920's.

Join us as we take a look at why jingles have worked in the past and how you can use jingles in modern video advertising to reach audiences online.


Adding Hollywood Sizzle To Your Business Videos

By David Ciccarelli

June 21, 2013

Hollywood Sign.jpgA video revolution is underway, and smart franchise businesses are leading the charge.

Franchise companies need new, more effective and affordable means of communicating with end customers, potential new franchisees, each other and the media. Traditional print and broadcast media still work, but savvy businesspeople are also leveraging more active and direct forms of communication. For many, video is the answer.

The good news is that an exciting and affordable new generation of video production and distribution technologies have now emerged. With the proliferation of broadband networks in homes, businesses and now even on the road video is becoming an increasingly common and effective form of communication.


Will Facebook "Jump the Shark" with Video Ads?

By Lin Parkin

June 7, 2013

Facebook Squares.jpgIt was announced in May that Facebook will be introducing video ads to user news feeds this summer, as early as July. The controversy is that the social media giant is going to plant these ads on user homepages.

The plan is to run 15 second auto-play ads right in user news feeds. So as Facebook users browse what's happening with their friends and family, ads will automatically start playing. The ads will be muted by default but users will have the ability to turn on the audio and replay the videos.

The proposition is being well received by potential advertisers.The brands that reportedly sit on the Facebook's client council advisory board will likely be the first to trial the ads. Members currently include Coca Cola, Ford, American Express, Diageo and Unilever, among others.


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