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Voices.com Exhibiting at VOICE 2014

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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James Alburger, Dave Courvoisier, Penny Abshire at VOICE 2012 Red CarpetDo you have any plans this year to step up your game as a career voice artist?

The VoiceOver International Creative Experience, lovingly known as VOICE, will take place in Anaheim, California from August 27th through August 30th, 2014.

Over the years, Voices.com has enjoyed participation at VOICE on multiple levels including sponsorships, serving on panels, media coverage of the conference and more.

Will we see you there?

Be sure to let us know by commenting on today's VOX Daily!


Do You Know Where to Find Children's Voice Acting Jobs?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Young tween boy actor, smiling mischievously at the camera, standing between two red theatre curtainsDo you have children who love acting?

How about singing?

Recently, a flurry of advantageous opportunities were posted for child voice actors, tweens in particular, to audition for through the Voices.com website.

Could there be an opportunity here for your family?

Is there a shining star living under your roof?

Find out how you can enrol your son or daughter in a Child membership at Voices.com to receive auditions for work they'll be proud of in today's VOX Daily.


How To Cast Like Marion Dougherty

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Marion Dougherty on the phoneWhen a producer goes about auditioning talent for a film or special project, every role has to be cast just right or their overall vision will be compromised.

No one understood this better than Marion Dougherty, a woman who almost singlehandedly set the bar for casting in feature films.

There's nothing like extraordinary casting when telling a story well.

Want to cast like Marion Dougherty?

Be sure to read this article and pick up 9 casting tips in today's VOX Daily!


Tips for Broadcast Journalists from the World of Voice Acting

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Middlesex College at Western University (UWO)When you listen to journalist, whether on radio or via television, you can't help but notice that they bear a great responsibility as communicators reporting information to the public.

Telling stories in an eloquent and objective way, many times as they are breaking, is a skill that requires poise, accuracy and an authoritativeness that only informed presenters can exude.

How does one develop these skills?

Find out how you can apply voice acting skills to your current job to help you land more freelance voice-over gigs in today's VOX Daily.


Otishia Emmens on Cross-Referencing Your Voice-over Career

By Lin Parkin

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Woman Plan BAre you at a cross-road in your career?

Still working a day job but feel uninspired and unmotivated in your current line of work? Have you been moonlighting as a voice-over artist?

This may be your cue that it's time reignite your mind and pursue Plan B. If you're ready to change into a career you can be passionate about, we applaud you! You're in for an exciting journey.

Just don't burn any bridges to your past.

Every industry benefits from voice-overs. Those connections you've made throughout the years in your former career can be re-purposed as potential voice-over work. Every business should have a professional IVR or phone prompt. Most businesses have corporate videos and presentations that require narration. Businesses everywhere produce commercials for television and radio. If you know a business inside and out that could be what makes you the ideal voice for their brand.

Otishia Emmens, a former Litigation Paralegal, recognized this when she made the leap into voice-overs and turned the connections from her law career into a source of potential voice-over clients.

Join VOX Daily to learn more about Otishia's story and receive tips on how to effectively transition your connections from a former career into your new career as a voice-over artist.


Upcoming Changes to Terms of Service

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Terms of Service Update.jpgToday, we are posting our 30 day notice for upcoming changes to our Terms of Service.

The new Terms of Service are available online now and can be read in our company section here.

We're providing this 30 day notice as we have committed to doing so in previous blog posts.

In other words, whenever we make an update to our agreement with you, we want to provide you with enough time to read through it and ask questions of us if needed.

What are Terms of Service?

Terms of Service, sometimes referred to as a User Agreement or a Master Licence Agreement is a legally binding agreement between an organization and the user.

Every website or downloadable app has a set of rules which define the use of the website, prohibited use, ownership of content and termination and survival rights.

Learn more about this update in today's VOX Daily.


Do You Want to Get into Cartoon Voice Overs?

By Lin Parkin

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Sunday MuseIf you've always wanted to do voice-overs specifically for cartoons, we've got some great news!

The prolific Sunday Muse, whose voice-over work can be heard on Total Drama Island, Undergrads, Rolie Polie Olie, Care Bears, JoJo's Circus, Time Warp Trio, Jane and the Dragon, Odd Job Jack, The Future is Wild, Jimmy Two-Shoes, and Arthur & Franklin - to name a few - is teaching a new workshop with her company Great Big Voices.

As a leading voice actor and teacher at NYU's Children's Theatre Company, and the National Theatre School, Sunday has become celebrity voice actor and the "go-to" person in the animation voice-over industry. Her students have gone on to book roles in major cartoon series including, Franklin (Nickelodeon), Chuck & Friends, Cat In The Hat, and Super Why (PBS).

Join VOX Daily to learn what's involved with her course.


What's New with the Voices.com iOS App?

By Lin Parkin

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Thumbs Up TeamOn May 7th, 2012 we released the first version of our Voices.com iOS App.

The Voices.com iOS App was designed to give talent the opportunity to audition for jobs while on the go, even record an audition with the built in microphone, and clients the ability to review auditions, search the directory, and hire talent right from their mobile device.

Several iterations later, and after exhaustive testing, we're pleased to announce some changes that we know you'll be happy about too!

Do you use our iOS app?

Join VOX Daily to learn what you can expect with the upcoming release of the newest version of the Voices.com App for your Apple mobile device.


Enhancing Your Social Media Marketing with Audio

By Lin Parkin

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social media icons.jpgSo you've got a visual presence online. You're on all of the social networking sites.

You regularly update your status and news feeds but you're finding that something is oddly ... missing.

How is it that you can have a photo, an about me paragraph, and hundreds of virtual friends but still feel like your efforts are missing the boat somehow?

It's likely the human element. Although seemingly everywhere you look, it is often the missing piece of the puzzle in social networking. Join VOX Daily to learn more.


Does Gender Matter When Casting a Voice Over?

By Lin Parkin

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Couple.jpgIn the past, voice-overs were recorded predominantly by men with the occasional female voice being present. Those were the days of "Father knows best", the stereotypical announcer, and the "Voice of God".

There was work available for women but their voices were almost exclusively used for telephone recordings and character roles in commercials and animation productions.

While some areas of voice-over still favour the male voice, particularly for movie trailers, radio station imaging, and sports announcing, many doors have been opened to women in those same areas.

Join VOX Daily as we explore how to decide which gender may be best suited to represent your brand.


Need Resources for Auditioning and Casting Voice Overs?

By Lin Parkin

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Female Assistant_Lightstar59.jpgAre you new to casting voice-overs?

Do you need advice on what to look for when casting voice talent?

If you know you will need a voice-over for your project but you've never auditioned voice-over talent before there are a number of things you will need to take into consideration depending on your project.

We've compiled a list of resources that will help you, from writing the scripts to listening to auditions and typical voice-over rates we've got you covered.

Join VOX Daily to learn more.


Why Add Narration to Your Travel Package Videos?

By Lin Parkin

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Business Man on BeachAre you involved in producing travel marketing videos?

Do you operate a travel and tourism business?

Travel companies are getting in on a growing movement to use video as a means to sell travel packages, which is great - albeit little behind the times.

Much like the traditional voice-over industry was resistant to change ten years ago, traditional brick and mortar travel companies have been resistant to competing in an online environment.

Today, more travel organizations are realizing it won't cost them an arm and a leg, that they can expand their reach exponentially online while establishing themselves on a fair playing field with the top dogs in travel. Learn more in today's VOX Daily.


We're Bringing VOX Talk Back!

By Lin Parkin

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Vox_Talk_Logo_300.jpgDo you like listening to podcasts?

Well, we're adding another one to our podcast centre!

Actually, this is really more of a reintroduction. For those of you who have been with us for a number of years you may remember VOX Talk.

We're bringin' it back!

On January 2nd, 2007 we launched the very first episode of our weekly in-house podcast VOX Talk. Hosted by Voices.com co-founder and CMO, Stephanie Ciccarelli, the podcast ran for approximately two years with 60 episodes produced.

Due to the rapid growth of Voices.com, finding the time to continue recording the podcast was next to impossible. So the podcast took a sabbatical. Now, five years later, Stephanie is elated to be hosting it again!

Join VOX Daily to learn what the VOX Talk podcast series is all about and how it will serve to help you.


Introducing Voices.com Partner Programs!

By Lin Parkin

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Partners_Badge_Logo_1024x1024.jpgHave you ever wondered how you can better leverage your relationship with Voices.com?

Are you interested in expanding your audience and having a further global reach?

Today, we're pleased to introduce the Voices.com Partner Programs!

Whether you're looking for a referral program, need help with content, are interested in working with our technology, or need expert training for your students on casting voice-overs - there's a program available for you.

We're interested in working with businesses whose cornerstone for what they do is based on innovation, excellence and integrity. If you're passionate about your business, your customers, and your industry - we want to hear from you.

In today's VOX Daily we are speaking with Randy Nordgren, Voices.com Partner Account Manager, as he explains how your business can benefit from partnering with the world's largest online voice-over marketplace.


How Audioguides Can Enhance the Travelers Experience

By Lin Parkin

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Audio TourAccording to the UN World Tourism Organization, one billion people traveled internationally in 2013. 54% of those were leisure travelers, of which 60% traveled to monuments and other tourist destinations.

Whether travelling internationally or domestically, travellers are inclined to tour sites that have key historical, cultural, religious or technological significance.

Travel books used to be the way to get around foreign cities or at tourist destinations but carrying a book around with you everywhere you go is not the best way to enjoy a hard-earned vacation. You may miss the attraction while trying to read about it or forget to bring your travel book with you.

Audioguides are one of the best ways to take it all in. They help the tourist learn about the key points, history or trivia associated with it.

Learn more about where audioguides are used and how they enhance tours in today's VOX Daily.


What is the Most Effective Length for a TV Commercial?

By Lin Parkin

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Commercial_Messages.jpgThe best length for commercials has been hotly debated among advertisers for decades. Countless studies have been conducted and the outcome often rests on the laurels of economics rather than effective brand awareness.

When televisions first entered the average North American homes commercials followed the same guiding principles of radio, the main media source at the time. As with radio, 60-second television commercials were the norm in the 1950's.

When media inflation hit in the 1970's advertisers were forced to cut their spots in half to 30-seconds. Soon after that the 15-second TV commercial emerged.

Now most North American broadcasters offer a selection to advertisers and they can choose to produce a 15, 30, or 60-second commercial.

But what is the most effective amount of time? Learn more in today's VOX Daily.


10 Skills to Look for in an Audiobook Narrator

By Lin Parkin

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Have you ever started listening to an audiobook and wanted to throw your iPod out the window?

That's the last thing you want the listener to feel like doing with your own audiobook.

One of the most enjoyable, and sometimes the most distracting, things about audiobooks is the narration.

There are a variety of components that make an audiobook "good." This includes everything from the writing, proofing, directing, editing, post-production, etc. but one of the key components is the narration. It should help the listener lose themselves in the story.

What skills should the voice-over artist have in order to deliver "good" narration for an audiobook?

Join VOX Daily as we explore some of the qualities to look for that will add up to good narration.


Using a Full Voice-over Cast vs. a Single Narrator for Audiobooks

By Lin Parkin

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casting-call-people.jpgAre you casting an audiobook narrator?

Whether you're an author publishing your own audiobook or you're a casting director at a large publishing house, how do you decide between using a full cast of voice-over artists vs. a single narrator to read all the parts?

A single narrator or author narrated audiobook is often preferable for non-fiction titles, but what about fictional stories?

We reached out to several publishers and audiobook fans to find out what their take is on the subject. Join VOX Daily to learn what they had to say about it.


"The Tale of Benjamin Sawyer" Wins Top Honours in the Rode Short Film Contest

By Lin Parkin

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Capture.JPGWhat happens when a talented narrator is paired with a poignant short film?

Pure magic.

I recently learned that a job cast through Voices.com won top honours in the Rode short film contest "My Rode Reel," taking home the Judges' Film Prize.

Everything about this film from the story, lighting, narration, silent performances, camera angles ... it came together in near Spielbergian perfection.

The film is produced by up-and-coming Director, Ronnie Bingaman, and was narrated by Voices.com talent member Stan Robinowitz.

Join VOX Daily to learn more about the development of film and see for yourself why it's deserving of such accolades.


How to Ensure Your Voice is Consistent from Audition to Job

By Lin Parkin

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African American Man Mic Close Up.jpgYesterday we posted an interview with voice-over artist, Jay Britton, in which he discussed the lengths he's gone to get into voice-overs full time. One of the ways he did this was by flying all the way from the U.K. to L.A. to train with some of the top voice-over coaches on the West Coast.

He made a travelogue of the whole experience, a clever way of getting people's attention and getting discovered as a talented up-and-comer.

In his video he mentions that, for him, the early morning hours are the perfect time to record voice-overs that need a deeper or intimidating masculine voice (to paraphrase). That caught my interest. It's true that at certain times of the day our vocal qualities sound different than others.

Occasionally clients raise concern that their voice talent sounded different on the job than their audition. It's not a performance based issue but rather how they sound.

Join VOX Daily for some tips on making sure your voice sounds consistent from audition to job.