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Reflections on NAB 2014

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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NAB Show

Did you go to NAB this year?

With so many awesome things to do, and more than enough square footage to walk, Ben Jackson and Grant Thomas from Voices.com took in the massive industry event in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Hear about some of their experiences in today's VOX Daily.


The Professional's Guide to Voice Acting

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Action Changes Things - acronym ACTAre you at a stage in your career where you feel there could be more on the horizon?

With so many different How-Tos and resources on the web these days for people who aspire to become voice actors, we've created a new guide designed to help established voice-over professionals raise their game and really take their voice acting businesses to new heights.

May I present, The Professional's Guide to Voice Acting!

Check out this new guide and share ideas that you'd like to see us add to our resources in today's VOX Daily.


How To Sound Like a Pterodactyl

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Cearadactylus model from the Cretaceous Period in a Dinosaur ParkAre you a fan of trying new things with your voice?

At VO Atlanta 2014 during Bob Bergen's keynote, attendees learned how to create a number of interesting animal sounds including how to bark like a dog, sounding like a parrot and screeching like a pterodactyl.

If you've never heard a couple hundred voice actors creating those sounds, boy are you missing out!

One voice artist in particular stood out for his pterodactyl voice and has graciously shared with us how he developed the sound.

Hear about Rodney Higgins' creative process in today's VOX Daily!


VO Atlanta 2014 Recap

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Sunday Muse, Amy Tallmadge Kreissl, Stephanie Ciccarelli, Jennifer Smith

Did the tweets you saw with the hashtag #voatlanta2014 make you want to attend VO Atlanta 2015?

From Animation to Audiobooks, from Business to Products and Technology, VO Atlanta treated its attendees to an action-packed conference where learning abounded in abundance.

Wish you were there?

Check out some of the highlights in today's VOX Daily!


Landfill Harmonic

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Do you consider yourself to be resourceful?

When interpreting a script, you need to work with what you have to tell a story convincingly and with heart. Good storytelling demands your all.

This week, I happened to see a video featuring the story of the Landfill Harmonic, a tale that brings tears to your eyes and warms the heart.

Take a look at how a group of people in Paraguay are making beauty from ashes in today's VOX Daily.


What Does Commitment Look Like?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Three businessmen celebrating a victory. Happy faces.Have you ever found yourself in a situation where it seemed that mountains needed to move in order for you to complete a task?

Recently, one of our voice talent members at Voices.com faced a tight deadline and went way above and beyond the call of duty, showing us all that no matter how challenging a situation may appear, choosing to rise to the occasion can make all the difference.

When you put your mind to something, is there anything you can't do?

Hear Albert Hensley's story in today's VOX Daily!


What to Expect at VO Atlanta 2014

By Trisha Beausaert

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The biggest voiceover conference on the east coast, VO Atlanta 2014 is fast-approaching; do you know what to expect?

Starting on Thursday March 20th in Atlanta, Georgia, VO Atlanta 2014 is a 4-day event that is a must-attend for talent, coaches, and producers from all levels in the industry. Panel discussions, workshops, networking, and demonstrations are just a few of the things that attendees can take in.

Read on as Voices.com breaks down what to look forward to this year in today's VOX Daily.


Edge Studio Exclusive Event with 3 Top Performing Voice Actors

By Lin Parkin

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Kaplan_Collins_Ziffer.jpgHave you ever wondered how to get on the Recently Hired list at Voices.com?

Well, three of the most frequently hired male voice talent on Voices.com are willing to share their expertise and knowledge with you at an exclusive Edge Studio event - and you don't have to be in New York to attend!

Join J. Michael Collins, David Kaplan, and Brand Ziffer for a 4 part webinar series as they demystify how to effectively utilize online casting services.

Suitable for voice actors of all experience levels, from those just getting started or those with existing subscriptions who want to up their ratio of auditions to awarded projects.


How to Nail an Audition with Little or No Direction

By Lin Parkin

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Confusion.jpgWhat do you do when you've got a good script with ambiguous creative direction?

Do you shoot from the hip or dig in a little deeper?

Getting an audition that is seriously lacking in direction can be seriously frustrating.

Not knowing what to do, you might simply take your best shot at it. But there are a few tried and true tricks to deciphering a script. The copy itself often has tell-tale signs into how the writer envisions the voice-over.

In today's VOX Daily we are joined by guest blogger, Tommy Griffiths, a professional voice talent and voice-over coach, as he lends some words of wisdom on self-direction for those awkward moments when you encounter a vague script. Join us! It may just help you land that next audition.


What Makes a Character Special?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Older child actor holding a white theatre mask, smiling.When you develop a character, what do you do to really give them a life of their own?

The best way to draw an audience in is through good storytelling and believable characters.

Sometimes, the script gives you clues that you can work with and other times, you need to create a backdrop of your own.

How do you infuse authenticity into a character?

Find out in today's VOX Daily!


What Do You Notice About Voices?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Two female friends waving on a bridgeWhen you first meet another voice actor, what is the first thing you notice about their voice?

I asked a number of professional voice talent their thoughts on the matter and some of their observations are really quite intriguing!

What sort of things are you listening for?

How might your peers be hearing you?

Join the conversation in today's VOX Daily!


Introducing VoiceMatch Invitations

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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VoiceMatch Invitations

In reviewing results from thousands of community members, a common theme surfaces; while people love the Voices.com marketplace, amount and variety of opportunities, educational content and more, a point of frustration is that of the competition, specifically too many talent auditioning for the same jobs.

This frustrates us as well because our desire is to see more Voices.com members getting work.

What can we do about this?

We've created a solution to address this concern and make it easier for more Voices.com members to be heard and hired.

Learn more in today's VOX Daily.


3 Tips for Spanish Voice Talent Wanting to Work in the US Market

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Young hispanic professionalsAre you an Hispanic voice artist looking to expand your horizons doing voice overs in English?

If so, you might want to consider what it takes to successfully approach the American market!

There are a few key things you can do to stand out from the crowd that will help you to meet the needs of North American clients.

Who better to learn from than someone who's been there and knows how it's done?

Spanish voice artist Simone Fojgiel, a Uruguayan now residing in the USA, shares her tips in today's VOX Daily!


How To Make Reading Aloud More Exciting

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Mother and daughter reading a book together. Smiling :)Are there times when your voice needs to work double duty?

In addition to keeping hydrated, breathing well and regularly modulating your voice, doing silly characters and vocal acrobatics can also keep your mind and voice engaged during long periods of vocalizing, particularly as it relates to the spoken word.

How do you keep going? What can you do to spur yourself on?

Whether you're practicing, proofreading or simply reading aloud for the sheer joy of it, you'll want to try some of the ideas shared in today's VOX Daily!


Is Accessible Media Truly Accessible?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Blind Liberty, close up of the Statue of Liberty's visage, focusing on the blindfold covering her eyes. Blue sky in the background.What would you do if you could not read the words typed here?

One of the most fascinating things about the written word is that it can be consumed in a number of ways, not solely relying upon one's vision.

Join guest blogger, Herb Merriweather, as he opens another dimension to us so to speak about what it's like to read without reading, to see without seeing and what it will take to make accessible media truly accessible in today's VOX Daily.


Speed Talking Tips

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Two women happily chatting. One is a mature woman and the other is a younger woman.Have you ever wondered what it takes to record copy in a voice-over script really quickly?

If you've ever a disclaimer read at lightning speed to squeeze in more words during a commercial, you've witnessed speed talking in action. What most people don't know about speed talking though is that the skill can be learned and can be mighty useful as a voice-over talent to possess.

Are you a candidate for speed talking?

Find out what it takes in today's VOX Daily!


4 of the Most Common Voice Acting New Year's Resolutions

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Woman holding a clock about to strike 12, Christmas tree decorated with silver and gold decorations in the background.Are you ready to rock in 2014?

With the new year just begun, we invite you to pull up a chair and listen to over 20 podcasts that will present ideas for how to go about getting an agent, improving upon your craft as a voice actor, finding more work and getting a better return on time spent auditioning.

Looking back one more time at 2013...where have you been?

How far have you come and where are you hoping to go?

Share your voice over new year's resolutions and reflect on the year that was in today's VOX Daily!


New Promoted Jobs Feature at Voices.com

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Red carpet VIP line, gold postHave you noticed that some jobs at the site are highlighted in green?

Today, we introduced a new feature called Promoted Jobs.

You may be seeing more of these as time goes by.

Learn more about this feature, its benefits to clients posting jobs and what it means to voice talent using Voices.com in today's VOX Daily.


10 of the Most Influential Voice Actors of All Time

By Lin Parkin

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Admit One.jpgWas there a voice actor in particular who inspired you to get into the industry?

Comedy is tough, but it's even more difficult when you don't have the benefit of expressing it through physical movement.

Breathing life into some of the most memorable family-friendly characters of all time these folks are just some of the incredibly talented voice actors who have been particularly influential for both what they've contributed to the industry and their inspiring talents.

Join us in today's VOX Daily!


Will You Learn The Gettysburg Address?

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

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Abraham Lincoln face, Lincoln MemorialThis year marks the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, the most famous speech given by American President Abraham Lincoln, and undoubtably one of the greatest speeches given in US history.

Documentarian Ken Burns is producing The Address, a 90-minute feature length documentary to be released in April 2014. Burns, along with many others, invites Americans to make Abraham Lincoln's words their own by video recording themselves reciting the 150 year-old speech.

Will you learn the address?

Discover more about this opportunity in today's VOX Daily.