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#1 on Google

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

February 28, 2006

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Natural Listings are very different from Paid Search listings. Find out the differences here.

Hi there,

If you are familiar with searching on Google to find information about the voice-over industry, chances are you've noticed that we have a great web presence and rank #1 for several relevant keywords in the Google search results.

Before we get started, let's look at the difference between Natural Listings and Paid Search Listings.

Natural Listings

A Natural Listing is a search result that appears in Google's search engine organically, that is to say, naturally without having to advertise. When Google indexes a web page because of content relevancy and link popularity, a Natural Listing is often created to acknowledge the source of the content to direct Google's users to the website with the most accurate information related to their search query.

Essentially, if you have a well optimized web page with relevant content targeted toward a specific audience, Google will favor your content over other sites without relevant content. Achieving the goal of being #1 for a keyword or group of keywords is a formidable process and generates a significant amount of free traffic (visitors / potential customers) to a website.

Sites that enjoy these rankings usually:

Include keyword(s) in their domain name
Have numerous sources linking to their web page or site
Feature relevant content on their website
Attract visitors without having to advertise heavily

Paid Search Listings

Paid advertisements are showcased on Google in the form of banner ads (Sponsored Links), usually with 2 ads appearing at the top of the Google web page at the top right hand corner and all subsequent ads are promoted on the left hand side in a column. The order that the ads are placed in is decided in an online real-time auction where advertisers bid for keywords.


The higher the bid, the higher the ad placement
Advertising competitively can be quite time consuming
Paid Search advertising is very expensive
Acquires skill and expertise to be successful

Now that we've explored both of these methods, here are a couple of #1 ranked, Natural Listings on Google for you to view. The Natural Listings are indicated by the green arrow for the keywords "voice overs" and "voice talents".



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