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Frank and Gordon


By Stephanie Ciccarelli

February 14, 2006

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Mascots are great... Ever been one?

If you've been watching the Olympics on CBC up here in Canada, you've probably met Frank and Gordon, Bell Canada's newest patriotic mascots who are promoting their services during the Torino Olympic Games.

Frank and Gordon, two computer generated beavers, are paired with two voice actors, Norm MacDonald and Ken Campbell. Norm MacDonald, a comedian and actor, is a Canadian by birth, born in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Ken Campbell is an American actor.

Aside from the voice actors themselves, the beavers do stand on their own quite well. This may go back to the whole debate about celebrity voice-overs and how effective they are if you don't recognize the identity of the voice actor.

I for one couldn't place Norm, although I knew that his voice was familiar. Upon finding out who voiced Frank, it immediately became obvious to me (the light went on!) and I thought that Norm was a good fit as Frank. Another member of our team couldn't place Norm's name either, but did recall however that the voice actor in question somewhat physically resembled our nation's beloved Rick Mercer, another Canadian comedian and television star (he's also all about Canadian mascots re: Rick Mercer Report).

Any thoughts that you have about animated or computer generated (CG) mascots are welcome - perhaps we could even start another thread from your comments!

Out of curiosity, has anyone voiced a character for commercial purposes?


P.S. Checkout Frank and Gordon's website here.

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    When I was working in radio in Alaska I produced voice-work for an "Old Codger/Coot" character. I had a sore throat at the time of the read but the client ended up loving it and the spot aired for months.

    Posted by:

      Hi Rick,

      thank you for your comment!

      Is there anywhere that we can listen to a sample of your mascot work?



      Posted by:

        I've had the same experience as Rick.

        Sometimes after I've had a sore throat, I'll come back to work and cut a spot and sound like god! It's not a voice that is good for conversation, but it sure can sell cars!

        I'm in the U.S., so I haven't seen the "beavers" but I'm very aware of Norm's work. He's got such a great, dry delivery.

        These's beavers sound a bit like the "spongmonkeys" that were featured on TV spots for "Quiznos Subs".

        Very twisted!

        Posted by:


          me and my friend Kaitlyn are doing a French report on Frank and Gordon and would like to know if they have won any awards for anything?

          LOL and we were wondering if you could help us. If so thanks. If not thanks anyways.

          Posted by:
          • Olivia
          • October 10, 2007 5:07 PM

            Hi Olivia,

            Thank you for commenting. I'm not sure if Frank and Gordon have won any awards, but if they have, the award(s) would likely be listed somewhere on the Bell Canada website.

            The voice actors themselves may have won awards, so if you can't find anything specific to Frank and Gordon, you could always look in that direction to supplement your paper or presentation.

            Perhaps ask the Public Relations department at Bell Canada and see if they can help.

            Bon chance!


            Posted by:


              I hope you can help. I am a Beaver leader with Scouts Canada. There was an an ad about a year two ago with Frank and Gordon doing a Star Trek skit. Where can I find this ad or photos?

              Thank you,
              Scouter Tracey 1st Copper Cliff Beavers Sudbury On

              Posted by:
              • Tracey Odo
              • February 3, 2008 5:04 PM

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