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Voice Actors Colin Mochrie and Debra McGrath

By Stephanie Ciccarelli

February 16, 2006

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The twosome is 'getting along famously' and enjoying wedded bliss. Meet Colin and Debra!

Whose Line is it Anyway, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Getting Along Famously, Blackfly... Who else could we be referring to other than Canadian comedic powerhouse Colin Mochrie?

Best known to the world for his on-camera television roles, Colin Mochrie also has an alter ego behind the microphone named "Two" in a cartoon series called "Seven Little Monsters", based upon Maurice Sendak's popular children's book "Where the Wild Things Are". Two has a reputation for being a bit of a know-it-all and a busy-body, clad with a prominent nose to match!

On a romantic note, Colin is married to Debra McGrath, an equally talented Canadian actress well known to the public, starring in shows such as "Wind at My Back" and several other films. Deb has proven herself as a voice actress alongside hubby Colin in two popular cartoon series, "Seven Little Monsters" and "George and Martha" - literally a match made in heaven!

"George & Martha", another children's cartoon series, is based on a book series by James Marshall. The series follows a hippo couple and their nature loving friends. Colin voiced 2 characters, the first being a male hyena, a hyena who has a wife, mind you (voiced by Debra McGrath)! He also provides the voice of a crocodile.

Most recently, Colin and Debra embarked on a vintage 60s television production called "Getting Along Famously", a show airing on the CBC that pairs the two as television variety co-hosts, revealing their complex life on-camera and off as characters Kip Delaney and Ruby Kendall - comparable to a Liz Taylor / Richard Burton couple, always fighting and making up while living their lives in the glare of the media.

Husband and wife teams are something to celebrate! If you team up with your husband or wife on projects using your talents, whether it be voice-over, podcasting, music, or on-camera, let us know by leaving a comment and promote your partnership endeavours.

Do you know of any other successful husband & wife teams in the biz? Let us know about them and leave a comment for everyone to read - I can think of a few even now :)

Best wishes,


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    I left a message on Colin Mochrie's web site looking for a DVD of Seven Little Monsters that I could play in the US since what Amazon sells is US inoperable. Contacting the producer and distributer of the DVDs was fruitless. My only hope is that someone has a personal DVD from which they would let me buy a copy.

    Any help here?

    Posted by:
    • Janet
    • December 12, 2007 2:53 PM

      Hi Janet,

      Thank you for commenting. Try sites like http://www.eBay.com . You might just come across what you are looking for there.



      Posted by:


        You where wanting to know about other couples.

        Are you aware that Brent Butt and Nancy Robertson of Corner Gas are married to each other?

        Posted by:
        • Connie Lewis
        • April 28, 2008 1:21 AM

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